Friday, July 1, 2011

Not so Chicken Lemon

I was browsing the internet about chicken recipes and found this one out and so I tried to order it in a local restaurant which is 20 minutes away from our place. It seems that Chicken Lemon has originated in China and there are other versions of this recipe in other countries.

Chicken Lemon with Gravy

Here in India they are also serving Chinese cuisines and there are local restaurants that cook you good Chinese food, although I doubt it if it was really the real Chinese cuisine. Anyway, Chicken lemon is usually cooked crunchy coated with some gravy. It is a simple dish to prepare although the methods of cooking it differ from what a chef or cook prepares.

The one we ordered out was with gravy and not dry. But when I tasted it, it wasn’t even lemony in taste, lacking saltiness also and the chicken that was coated with egg and flour wasn’t that tasty. In short, it’s not that delicious. I’m not saying that all restaurants do cook their chicken lemon the same. It’s just that I was expecting more of a tangy twist flavor of the lemon to the chicken.

Chicken not so lemony, hey I did not cook this one!

The capsicum was even more obvious in flavor than the lemon. This is what a cook should know, what are the ingredients that will take effect more when you cook. I guess they might have just used a lemon in a bottle, meaning not the freshly squeezed lemon that you buy in the market, but just a lemon in a bottle that was synthetic, so no wonder the taste of the chicken will just be bland.

I finished one plate and still my tongue is in question, looking for an evidence of what chicken lemon is and where is the justice. The yellowish color might just masquerade the lemon color but for me it was the turmeric that side swept it, kicking the tamed lemon in the corner knocking off the whole recipe.

Hot rice and Chicken Lemon dish for lunch

Anyway so much for my expectations, I will keep on hunting better restaurants that can prepare me a better Chicken Lemon. Besides the price we ordered was just Rs 85.00 or equivalent to $1.93 and it was delivered for free, that will be my consolation.


moirai said...

Hello! =)

So you are in India! I thought you were Filipino because I saw that previous post you had on spaghetti. =P

Anyway, this post reminded me of something in the menu of a fast food chain here (can't remember now which fast food chain it is and if it's Chinese... anyway...). It's called Chicken Orange, if I remember right. =P So not exactly the same but similar. Hehe. I tried it once. It's ok, I guess, but a little too sweet for my taste.

Strawberrychocodahi said...

@moirai- I am Filipino but living in India. About the Orange chicken, yes I have tasted it in Chowking, it was really sweet, not for people who likes food that are sweet. It is really different from Chicken Lemon.

Cherrey said...

what about trying one yourself? i think you'll make a better suited one :-)

moirai said...

Ah! Yes! Must have been Chowking then. Thought it might be that but I couldn't remember exactly. =P

And a fellow Filipino! In that case, nice to meet you! Kumusta? =)

I agree, if you make one yourself, it will probably turn out much better. =)

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