Monday, July 4, 2011

Beefy Sandwich Deluxe

We had an extraordinary dinner two days ago when I prepared Chicken Pesto Pasta and this beefy sandwich deluxe. I wasn’t successful enough to look for a burger bun and that it why it ended up into a sandwich. To tell you frankly, I was aiming to prepare club sandwich, but when I tried to check my ingredients and to what my fridge is telling me that I don’t have any stock of such like chicken salami, no bacon (we don’t eat pork) so the only thing that triggers me to prepare this beef burger thingy is the minced beef that was on the freezer.


I will be posting my recipe for Chicken pesto pasta which is really two thumbs up if you try it at home. It is not the regular chicken pesto recipe but it was the best that I can come up to. So going back to my beefy sandwich story, I was able to come up with a solution, since I also don’t have any celery or lettuce to keep my burger interesting, it ended on a dramatic sandwich.
It’s not difficult to prepare such because all you needed for your beef patty was salt and ground black pepper to taste and just make a ball before patting it into a perfect patty. After this place it back to the fridge before cooking but that does not mean you need to fry it icy cold, only 10 minutes will do before you fry the patty.

For me if you are going to prepare a delicious burger patty, you need to grill it so that it will be juicier. But on my part, I still don’t have an oven so I just fried the patty. Anyway once you fried it, keep it aside and prepare for the sandwich. What I have was cucumber, tomato, mayonnaise, cheddar cheese and sweet and spicy ketchup. You just need to re arrange these buddies all together as you put your beefy patty and presto! You have your beefy sandwich, err burger if you have the ingredients and a molder for the perfect round juicy patty.


Well I guess practice makes perfect, next time I will be okay with the size of my beefy patty. For now it will look like an alien patty but is sure is delicious and hubby didn’t even wink while eating. Sometimes when preparing food in the kitchen, it is really fun and enjoying when your hubby is around and he was there to help me re-arrange the stuffs and we had a happy dinner that time.

It will be so happy to see your kids participate when you cook. It gives them ideas of how food was prepared and they too will have the same passion to keep. You are also molding them to be interested in cooking, what if that hobby turns into a career in the future, right!


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