Saturday, January 7, 2012

Care for a BBCC?

What's BBCC if you may ask, well that's what I call in short for Blue Berry Cheese Cake. Anyone care to have a bite? It was an eggless cake for me so it is healthy. I am not that fuzzy about BBCC. As long as its soft and fluffy, that will all be fine.

Care for a bite?
blue berry cheese cake 1

By the way, the one you see on top of the cake was not a slice or piece of cheese but white chocolate. I thought, at first glance, it was a cheese. But when I touch it, it was hard and when I smelled it, it was white chocolate.

White chocolate on top, not cheese
blue berry cheese cake 2

Of course, like most blue berry cheese cakes, it is with blue berry syrup and blue berries. Not that creamy and cheesy though. Just enough texture and not that sweet, that is okay for me. This piece costs only Rs55.00. I don't know if that is cheap for you, but worth it cost its eggless.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Chicken Ala King

Welcome Year 2012! This recipe is not what I prepared in the eve of New Year. I cooked this last week and I was just late to post it here but at least I am not late to share it with you. I was just busy on preparing some of my blogs.

I just included the chickens bones, but in others recipe only meat, no bony part
chicken ala king 2

Anyway you can do a lot of versions in cooking your chicken ala king. You can use carrots, mushroom, red bell pepper and other colorful veggies you like to include. What I have available that time was green peas so this is the veggie I used.

To make the sauce thick, you have two options for this one, use milk and flour or use an all purpose cream and fresh milk. What I did use was milk, all purpose cream and cheese which is really yummy.
Steamy and hot Chicken ala King
chicken ala king

It is also easy to prepare here are the ingredients I used for this recipe:

Chicken Ala King Recipe

green peas
chicken (breast part) or any meaty part
fresh milk
all purpose cream
chicken broth cubes
ground black pepper

Boil the chicken and cut them into pieces. On a pan put oil and once its hot, saute garlic, onion and chicken. After this put some salt and pour the green peas in. Put the sauce, wait for 3 minutes and put your ground black pepper and salt for seasoning. Add half cup chicken broth into your sauce.

For the sauce:

1 cup fresh milk
3/4 cup all purpose cream for 1/2 kilo chicken
stir the two ingredients
Creamy as this, as I want to
chicken ala king 3

Make it creamy as you like it. You don't need flour if you used all purpose cream. But if you don't have a creamer, then use milk and flour and stir it well before pouring. Hope you like this recipe and again Happy New Year to you!

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