Friday, January 10, 2014

Pizza and Pasta For 2014

I have been away blogging and I do miss to write food blogs again. Well this will be my try for this year 2014 and I will be happy if I can buy my own domain name and transfer everything that I have from this wonderful site that I have started long time back.

Well I just want to share what we had when we went out. It was pizza and pasta from Domino's and since I have been craving for pizza for so long, I really do like to order Barbecue Chicken and Cheese Pizza. I really adore Domino's give away sprinkles (Chili flakes and Oregano). I always do keep them even when we finish our pizza, we used to take these home and I use it as a sprinkle for my other recipes and it makes the food perfect.

I do like pan pizza than crust types and of course pizza will always be enjoyable when hot and fluffy soft. But I don’t have a problem even when it is already cold. For me pizza is my comfort food and I like to take it with any cold beverages like soda, juice and beer of course.

Well about the pasta that we ordered, it was Italian pasta on their list but I was not satisfied on the taste because it was too sour for my taste and pasta with white sauce shouldn't be tasting sour. I told my husband that it looks like they have used sour cream on the pasta instead of just using a plain white creamy sauce for the real Italian pasta. I do know because I have been cooking and preparing white sauce pasta for my family and I just don’t know why on earth the taste was really sour that time we ordered our pasta.

Anyway, I guess this depends on the variations of white sauce pasta to use but I really haven’t heard anything about using sour cream if ever you have to mix it on pasta. By the way what is important is that my tummy was full and we went home with our remaining pizza on the box and we ate it after dinner. I just hope that I will have more chance of sharing some food menu and restaurant experiences I have in here. Have a blessed New Year to all my readers and God bless you.

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