Monday, November 28, 2011


It wasn't our food today but three days ago and I wasn't that quick to post since I really don't have the time unlike before. I call it maskipaps in short for the tagalog word "Maski papaano" or in English it means anything goes. Yes, you heard it right, I call it a recipe called maskipaps because hubby was the one who cooked it as a soup since I don't want to eat anything spicy because it is not allowed because I am breast feeding my baby.

Anyone care for a boiled chicken soup

So I told him to cook me some soup and this is what he prepared. He combined the veggies like potato, broccoli, tomato and cabbage and boil it in a cooker. The seasoning was just salt and black pepper. I cannot complain anymore, I really can't cook when I started to attend baby's needs like breastfeeding, my hands are already tied up.

Boiled Chicken with veggies

Anyway, going back to the food prepared, it was just a quick one since he used a cooker, the chicken and the other veggies were all done in 5 to 6 minutes. I was even scared for the outcome of putting broccoli in a cooker since broccoli were suppose to be eaten crunchy and greenish not yellowish or darker in color. I was just thankful that I have something to eat that day!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Fresh fish Tilapia

It is very seldom that you can find Tilapia here in India. Sometimes when you buy it does look like tilapia but it was just the cousin of tilapia. Hubby bought this fish for Rs 50.00 only. I was excited to taste tilapia but after hubby cooked it, it wasn't tasting like the tilapia that I used to like back home, I was thinking if this was just another cousin of that fish.

Another headless fish, dunno if it was really tilapia or its the cousin

It taste a lot like "gilik" sorry I don't know what is the equivalent English word for gilik. But definitely I really did not enjoy this fish that looks a lot like tilapia. Anyway, if you ask me what is the best recipe for tilapia fish, I would say Simple fried Tilapia and another one is with Coconut milk and green chili.

I also miss milk fish (bangus) since it is not available here. What most fishes sold here in the local market and grocery were sole fish, baby shark, pomfret and other unknown fishes for me that I don't eat.

One more day to go before hubby gets his off day, my supply for food is running dry, can't just get out to buy since I am taking care of my little one. My MIL already went home and there was no one to look after me and baby if hubby is at work that is why, I still struggle to prepare foods and blog it here, probably when baby gets a bit bigger or if I will have someone to take care of baby, I can get back for more blogging and writing, but anyway I enjoy every moment with my baby.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving Day

I am not posting a Thanksgiving recipe or dessert. I will just greet my relatives in USA a Happy Thanksgiving day. What I always see on television during thanksgiving day, American people usually prepare Turkey for dinner and with pumpkins.

Happy Thanksgiving | Thanksgiving | Forward this Picture

For me everyday should be a Thanksgiving Day because God gave His son for us to be save. This is the real reason why we should be thankful, the love of Christ for us and the salvation He paved way for us who are sinful.

Enjoy everyday that God gives us no matter how hard life is. Anyone care to share their turkey or pumpkin pie here? Have a blessed day and enjoy your weekends.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Fresh Sardines

Last time I was able to feature Spanish sardines in bottle and I had fun making it. This time, hubby bought again fresh sardines but for the sake of frying it in masala. In India, fresh sardines are always available in the market and they are also cheap. Although you will need work to clean the fish out and don't expect the local vendor to clean it for you.

Fresh sardines anyone?
fresh sardine

My MIL and hubby used to remove the head of the fish unlike what my mom taught me. In here they don't eat the head of the fish the way we enjoy eating it in Philippines especially when it is fried.

Masala is just a combination of turmeric powder, chili powder and salt that you will mix together with your fish. Marinate it for thirty minutes to savor the masala. Now if you don't like it hot, perhaps you can just use paprika powder instead of chili powder.

Sorry if I haven't posted the finish product since I did not cook it but hubby since my hands were all tied up for baby, whew really did not expect mom's work is difficult since I don't have a nanny or a private nurse to look after baby, but anyway worth it. Just write me if you want to know more recipes about fresh sardines. Have a pleasant day!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Chicken Broccoli with Mushroom

It's been so long I haven't update this food blog since I don't have much time to prepare food and thanks that my MIL came in to visit us for two weeks and I was able to at least prepare this food easily.

Chicken Broccoli with Mushroom and Oyster Sauce

It was like preparing Chopsuey but different is that the only veggie I have was broccoli and I put chicken and mushroom and oyster sauce with soya sauce and season it with salt and ground black pepper.

The first thing that you need to do is to clean the chicken. In here I included the bones because it is much more tastier. After cleaning it with salt, then put into the pan, let the water juice out first before putting cooking oil. If the chicken is light brown in color, you can now saute it in garlic and onion.

After sauteing, you can now add the mushroom and once it is cook, you can now add broccoli and cook it in 3-5 minutes only. Do not over cook your broccoli, it will look brown and so soft and it will never be good.

After this you can now add oyster sauce, water (depends how much you want), salt and ground black pepper. You can also use butter instead of cooking oil when preparing this meal. But for me, what I use was just vegetable oil. You can also put cornstarch into it if you wanted it to be creamy a bit and not watery.

Hope you do enjoy this recipe. Broccoli is simply nutritious and even if it looks a lot like a tree and most kids have a difficult time to eat veggies, we as parents can motivate them by preparing veggies in a delightful and creative way and tell them about the nutritious content of broccolis.

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