Thursday, November 24, 2011

Fresh Sardines

Last time I was able to feature Spanish sardines in bottle and I had fun making it. This time, hubby bought again fresh sardines but for the sake of frying it in masala. In India, fresh sardines are always available in the market and they are also cheap. Although you will need work to clean the fish out and don't expect the local vendor to clean it for you.

Fresh sardines anyone?
fresh sardine

My MIL and hubby used to remove the head of the fish unlike what my mom taught me. In here they don't eat the head of the fish the way we enjoy eating it in Philippines especially when it is fried.

Masala is just a combination of turmeric powder, chili powder and salt that you will mix together with your fish. Marinate it for thirty minutes to savor the masala. Now if you don't like it hot, perhaps you can just use paprika powder instead of chili powder.

Sorry if I haven't posted the finish product since I did not cook it but hubby since my hands were all tied up for baby, whew really did not expect mom's work is difficult since I don't have a nanny or a private nurse to look after baby, but anyway worth it. Just write me if you want to know more recipes about fresh sardines. Have a pleasant day!


swexie said...

i actually want to know more about turmeric. i've read some blogs praising turmeric not just an ingredient but also as a beauty tool. do they use turmeric in face creams there in india?

Strawberrychocodahi said...

@ swexie- I will post someday info about spices of India that includes turmeric. Yes, some use this for skin problems and they say its effective too.

Carter said...

Wow this is amazing, i was wondering if you can use any sardines, whether cheap or expensive? Also can u use canned tuna? I currently work from home selling import export goods online and I have a lot more time for my family and kids that i make their lunch to bring to school!

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