Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Lollipop for my baby, hey it smells like Christmas!

Did you see malls around you with inviting lights all around. Even feeling the excitement of Christmas soon to come? Well, for me yes and somewhat sad at the same time because my family will not be complete as hubby won't be able to come and visit us here in the Philippines. But anyway, keeping aside that thought, I just wanted to compliment on this candy and snack bar which is inside the mall of Makati City.

See the eyes of my little one tempted to taste what that big lollies are up to? Well, you can't resist sweets at times especially if you have a sweet tooth. Well, these lollies are also great Christmas decors to include but just don't expect that if some sweet tooth monster took it by surprise. Well, I guess it makes kids happy when they see hanging lollies in Christmas tree or any ornament in the house that you would decor for this holiday season. Can you now feel this season of hope and love? Well, hopefully everyday is love day for all of us.

photo credit: my own photo, ©copyright 2014, All rights reserved

Me and my little one with the tree of lollipop

Yummy Fresh Lumpiang Sariwa

This is one of the food that I have missed to taste for so long. I really don't know yet how to make fresh lumpiang sariwa as I don't know how to make a perfect crepe for this recipe. I went along with my family to visit Goldilocks where they serve also fresh lumpiang sariwa. I have missed their lumpiang sariwa for so long. So when we had the time to go there, we didn't skip the opportunity to order this delicious meal.

We also ordered pancit guisado (sauteed bean thread noodle) and their kalderetang baka which my mom used to order. Then we had ube-macapuno cake for our dessert. It is just affordable and for us it was really a fun filled day eating out with our loved ones and bonding also of our family.

I also like their rice cakes (puto) but at that time we did not order that. My tummy was happy when we got home. At least, before going back again to India I was able to experience to eat fresh lumpiang sariwa.

photo credit: my own photos, © copyright 2014, All rights reserved
Fresh Lumpiang Sariwa
Pancit Guisado

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Porter Steak Anyone?

Step out of the comfort zone and I was with family for bonding time and was able to relax a bit. To worry is never a good way to our body so spend some time to eat out and dine with the family. We had porter steak and took so long when I happen to taste this again as we don't have this restaurant in India.
I don't happen to see shops selling beef cuts that is good for steak. Yes, there are beef meat stalls in our place but the problem is that they don't cut on portions like where is the softest part of the meat or if you happen to ask for the sirloin, they don't know it too.
Anyway, this streak was just great, not too rubbery although the only thing I can say is that the bottom part was a bit smokey in taste. The rice was sticky and buttery in taste. The gravy was not that great as it was too watery in consistency.
The meat was just well done, although the side dish was not fascinating at all and lacks a lot of inspiration to make it even more colorful contrasting the color of yellow which is obviously the only thing you can easily notice when they handed you the sizzling plate.

photo credit; my own photo, copyright 2014, All rights reserved

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