Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Lollipop for my baby, hey it smells like Christmas!

Did you see malls around you with inviting lights all around. Even feeling the excitement of Christmas soon to come? Well, for me yes and somewhat sad at the same time because my family will not be complete as hubby won't be able to come and visit us here in the Philippines. But anyway, keeping aside that thought, I just wanted to compliment on this candy and snack bar which is inside the mall of Makati City.

See the eyes of my little one tempted to taste what that big lollies are up to? Well, you can't resist sweets at times especially if you have a sweet tooth. Well, these lollies are also great Christmas decors to include but just don't expect that if some sweet tooth monster took it by surprise. Well, I guess it makes kids happy when they see hanging lollies in Christmas tree or any ornament in the house that you would decor for this holiday season. Can you now feel this season of hope and love? Well, hopefully everyday is love day for all of us.

photo credit: my own photo, ©copyright 2014, All rights reserved

Me and my little one with the tree of lollipop


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