Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year to All

Happy New Year to All my readers. I still feel sad for this is the last day that I am going to click ads on Adgitize as it has been part of my daily routine. Well, we must continue to move on and we know that there is something in store for each and everyone of us in this year 2012.

Wishing you a very happy and prosperous new year | Happy New Year | Forward this Picture

May the goodness of God be with you all as you celebrate this special season with your family. Be always thankful to God who is always there to provide the things you need and that includes the very life you have. New Year 2012 will surely be another challenging but hopeful year. Thank you friends for your constant visit to my site. Enjoy this day with your family and loved ones.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Fresh Strawberries for Salad

Hubby bought two Mahabaleshwar strawberry boxes for only Rs60.00 each. The strawberries were really fresh and big in sizes and I decided to make it a salad. Just an easy dessert that I have shared here before.


Just clean the strawberries first using fruit and vegetable wash and then cut of the strawberries into half or to whatever cut you like. Put all purpose cream, sweetened milk or condensed milk and cut cheese in cubes and put into ref, simple and that but the delight is really wonderful.

strawberry salad

You can also add some more fruits along with your strawberries, but its better if you put a fruit that is crunchy to munch like the spanish turnip (singkamas) or pear (the yellow one). But since pear does fade in color after some time, I still suggest spanish turnip to be best to pair with this dessert.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Assorted Fruit Cakes Part 2

Three more days to go before we welcome New Year 2012. These fruit cakes which are colorful serves as a wonderful dessert for the family during the festive season. I have featured some of the fruit cakes before which are also colorful.

Colorful assorted Fruit cakes
assorted cake

Fruit cakes depends on different countries. Some are with alcohol content like rum and wine included while some fruit cakes are without alcohol content. These fruity and delicious cakes are without alcohol and are good for all including kids.

These are non-alcoholic fruit cakes
fruity cakes

What hubby bought was kiwi cake, orange, lemon and pineapple. Its just a piece but per piece costs about Rs50+ in the cake shop of Hypercity here in Mumbai. Well, I enjoy eating cakes in the morning as breakfast, dunno why but I sure do enjoy having it with yakult, am I strange or what.

Anyway, have a blessed New Year to all. Hope your New Year will be happy and joyful and be safe. God bless.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Wishing you All Merry Christmas

From Jackie's Kitchen, I am wishing you all A Blessed Season of Hope and Joy. Merry Christmas everyone. No matter where you are, no matter what the circumstance, it's Christmas and we should all be happy and glad since we celebrate the birth of Christ our Savior and Lord.

Merry Christmas Cake | Christmas | Forward this Picture

I may not be able to post you Christmas recipes since I am also busy with my baby, I do hope I can make it up to you guys. Again wishing you all Merry Christmas and Advance Happy New Year from the bottom of my heart.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Fried Rice, Wanton Soup and a Noodle

A Blessed day to all!!! Christmas is just around the corner. The breeze of air is so cold and even if there was no festive celebration here to where I am, it still tells me about Christmas. Its been five days waiting for a cylindar tank so we have been ordering food outside.

Mushroom Fried Rice
mushroom rice,

Hakka Noodles

Wanton Soup
wanton soup

Anyway, going back to the topic, what I have for today is mushroom fried rice which is non vegetarian because it contains egg and tidbits of chicken pieces. It was kinda greasy though but just fine to have when your tummy is hungry.

Hakka noodle on the other hand is another vegetarian dish or meal which is an all around favorite here in India. Every local restaurant you go to, you can just order hakka noodles.

For the soup, what I ordered was wanton soup which is sprinkled with coriander leaves and with spring onions. It is not the usual wanton soup you know of since it is not made of grocery bought wanton wrappers but a regularly made wanton wrap from the restaurant but their sizes were not uniform at all like these one that I have ordered. Just enjoying the day I can still have a short break from cooking and in the kitchen.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Assorted Cakes

I got strawberry cake, chocolate and fruit cake on the table this morning. If only I have the time and gadget to bake a cake, I would be delighted to make one for Christmas. Anyway, I first took a bite on chocolate cake.

assorted cake 2

It was already that chewy because it was there in the ref for two days. The rest of the cake were still wrapped and I plan to eat them maybe in the afternoon snack. Cakes were not that sweet so I don't get used of eating it since some cakes here were eggless, some are not that sweet so it is also good to health.

assorted cake1

Three more days to go before Christmas. Kids do like cakes and pastries even the colorful ones. But I still like to eat cakes with fresh fruits. It is also great to match these cakes with your favorite beverage like hot coffee or tea, milk, soda drinks and fresh fruit juice.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Fruity Cake

It was our breakfast well thanks to our cylinder tank who got emptied and I was not able to cook anything at all and hubby bought this cake the night before he went home and so I said this was our breakfast together with yakult or fermented milk drink.

Fruity eggless cake, one for me and hubby

Its a creamy eggless cake topped with fruits like cherry, kiwi and ripe papaya which is worth Rs 32 a piece at Monginis cake shop. I also like the double chocolate that hubby bought at that same day but I just didn't take a snap because I think I already featured it here on my other blog.

Fruits on top were cherry, kiwi and ripe papaya

The fruits on top was healthy and just fine with the creamy vanilla flavor of the cake. Four days before Christmas, wow! didn't notice how fast time flies by and this cake is also a good cake to have because it is colorful yet simple and good also for vegetarians.

Vanilla flavored icing on this wonderful cake

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Pumpkin Seeds as a healthy snack

Don't you know that pumpkin seeds are healthy as snacks especially for people who wants to conceive and have kids. Men should be eating a lot of pumpkin seeds in order to add their sperm count. Whether this one is true, I find it interesting since eating pumpkin seeds has something to do to help our reproductive system.

Pumpkin Seeds are really healthy as snacks
pumpkin seeds

It is also good for women to include this in their snack. It is rich in folic acid as well and can increase the chances of getting fertile so if you want to conceive and have a baby, be sure to include healthy and nutritious food in your diet which includes your snack.

Most of us just much on junk foods that can harm our body. If you want to be healthy, kick off those soda and carbonated drinks. It will never do good to your body. Instead you can try on drinking nutritious drinks such as fresh juice from fruits, milk, water, green tea (depends on what brand) and other organic foods which is free from pesticides and harmful chemicals such as preservatives in foods.

Hubby always consider buying this pumpkin seeds because he likes the taste and at the same time, help in his digestion. Pumpkin seeds can also help prevent prostate cancer, helps your bladder and has zinc which is good for a healthy eye sight and hair.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Chopsuey Thursday

I was able to ask hubby to buy red bell pepper, mushroom and broccoli last Thursday. Indeed I did cook Chopsuey. I just added the remaining veggies in the ref like cauliflower and cabbage. We do have remaining broiled chicken and beef liver that day and that was the one I used to saute with onion and garlic and my chopsuey was colorful and perfect.

Colorful and Yummy Chopsuey perfect for Christmas

Just that you don't need to over cook your veggies when it comes to cooking Chopsuey. I just want to say that Chopsuey is prepared differently in other countries.Here in India, when we ordered chopsuey, it was served with fried noodles and the soup was creamy white and thick and the veggies included were only green bell pepper, cabbage and carrot.

Mushroom, broccoli, cabbage,red bell pepper, cauliflower, chicken bits and beef liver makes this dish a winner

Why not try to cook chopsuey this Christmas? It will be a colorful dish to serve and is very healthy too for the family. Besides, its just 8 more days to go before Christmas!

Friday, December 16, 2011

Golden Apple

Wow, this was my first time to see a golden apple. Actually it's yellow in color but they call it Golden Indian Apple. The price is just the same with the regular red apple. It's just the same in taste if you would ask me, crunchy and tasty too.

golden apple2

Its lovely if you will include this in your table during Christmas, colors of red, yellow or golden and then the green apple, what a colorful fruit isn't it. It's also a healthy choice if you favor fruits and veggies included in your festive season and minimize eating fatty meat and preserved meats to prevent high cholesterol.

Golden apples with pears
golden apple

During Christmas and New Year, people tend to eat a lot of unhealthy food. That includes sweets which are difficult for the body to flush out and which leads to diabetes. I really suggest mothers to prepare garden salad and fruits and fish during Christmas and New Year celebrations instead of pork ham, bacon and other meat with preservatives which is unhealthy. Nine more days before Christmas!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Broiled Chicken in Olive Oil

I like the taste of Broiled Chicken cooked in Olive Oil. I like how Hypercity have come up with this recipe. In fact when we do order chicken tandoori for them, its also tasty. If ever I have my own oven I will try to create my own dish like this one, its really two thumbs up for Christmas recipe especially if you have that big turkey.

Broiled Chicken in Olive Oil, Yummy!

I don't know if hubby would have his duty during Christmas season, if ever I won't be so fuzzy on what to cook and prepare since we don't have any invited guest to come along since this country is not even bothered about Christmas and there's no Christmas rush for them.

A Good Christmas Treat for the Family!

Anyway, I like how the herbs and spices savor in this Broiled Chicken cooked in Olive oil. It is healthy and I like how chicken is cooked this way. It was about 489 grams in weight and the cost was Rs108.00 only, still cheap if you were to ask me. Have a pleasant day everyone and advance Merry Christmas to all!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Veg Cake

Sounds interesting and it will catch your attention when I say that its a vegetable cake, but its not. It only shows Veg Cake but pertaining to vegetarian people are okay to eat this cake. It does not include any vegetable as you may think it is as what it shows on the label.

Fruit Cake or Veg Cake?
veg cake

The green label on the side tells its for vegetarians
fruit cake

It was vegetarian in the sense that the cake itself is eggless and it contains fruits instead of veggies. It's like more of a fruit cake if I may call it and as to what I assume that the title should be Fruit cake because it contains bits and pieces of dried fruits.

I do like this cake since it is healthy plus it reminds me of Christmas since fruit cakes are being sold in the market, well except for the wine treated fruit cakes, this one is just simple as it claim.

Care to have fruit cake? I mean veg cake? I always like to treat myself every time I feel hungry at wee hours and I have nothing else to prepare for a snack, this one is perfect for me. Have a pleasant day readers.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Energy Bar to the Rescue

It really is difficult to be a hands on mom. I really do wake up in the early morning when baby needs attention. Most of the time, my baby is awake in the wee hours so I tend not to sleep and whenever I feel hungry and I am so lazy to eat food, I just grab the easiest delight that I can treat myself and that is the energy bars or nutrition bars that most people working on a gym would be munching.

Energy Bar to the rescue
choco bar

Hubby bought two packs of these since most of the time, I am just the one to look after baby and it is really difficult since I do tend to do my work slow or little by little. At times that I need to cook, I see to it that baby is asleep. But whenever he is awake, it will be difficult for me to continue the work that I have to do particularly cooking, so the tendency is that I get hungry.

Nutrition bar anyone?
energy bar

I do like to snack on nuts and dried fruits as well as cakes and some biscuits. Aside from that I do have my yakult or the fermented milk and what else, these energy bars to keep me going. This is also the reason why I have been stagnant on updating my food blog since I cannot attend to cooking and most of the times, I let hubby cook our food or he orders our food.

What I don't like much in this energy bar is that it looks like its all rice crispies coated with chocolate syrup and chocolate. I still like granola bars even if they are hard to chew but they have bits and pieces of fruits. Anyway, I still have one more pack to go before I finish it. It's been another week to come, have a pleasant Sunday everyone!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Grilled Beef Liver

I was surprised that hubby found this food outside when I asked him to buy some tandoori. Although this was not the usual food that can be found outside since it is non vegetarian, I find it yummy. It is a food rich in iron since I needed that in my daily meal, I opt to have this one on my menu.

Grilled beef liver
grilled beef liver

Actually I don't have a recipe yet to tell you, this one was bought and we did not prepared it. It was grilled beef liver which is tasting deliciously and I can remember the recipe that my mom used to make back home. She used to cook us beef liver steak and it was almost the same taste like this one.

I enjoy it with my buttered garlic palak (spinach) recipe (Easy Spinach Recipe) which I have already shared here on my blog and you can just search it if you want to know the recipe. Of course eating this food is not complete without rice or chapatti (flat bread). Have a nice day everyone!

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