Thursday, December 29, 2011

Fresh Strawberries for Salad

Hubby bought two Mahabaleshwar strawberry boxes for only Rs60.00 each. The strawberries were really fresh and big in sizes and I decided to make it a salad. Just an easy dessert that I have shared here before.


Just clean the strawberries first using fruit and vegetable wash and then cut of the strawberries into half or to whatever cut you like. Put all purpose cream, sweetened milk or condensed milk and cut cheese in cubes and put into ref, simple and that but the delight is really wonderful.

strawberry salad

You can also add some more fruits along with your strawberries, but its better if you put a fruit that is crunchy to munch like the spanish turnip (singkamas) or pear (the yellow one). But since pear does fade in color after some time, I still suggest spanish turnip to be best to pair with this dessert.


moirai said...

Oh wow! This looks good! Yum yum. =P

On a side note though, what's in fruit and vegetable wash? I'm not sure if it's available here, maybe it is and I just haven't seen it. But I kind of still feel weird about the thought of 'washing' food stuffs. I mean, rinsing with water is one thing I guess, but... a wash? Hmm...

Hopeful said...

I love strawberry but the problem is it is seldom available in the store.

Your salad looks so delicious. Can I taste it? lol!

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