Thursday, December 8, 2011

Grilled Beef Liver

I was surprised that hubby found this food outside when I asked him to buy some tandoori. Although this was not the usual food that can be found outside since it is non vegetarian, I find it yummy. It is a food rich in iron since I needed that in my daily meal, I opt to have this one on my menu.

Grilled beef liver
grilled beef liver

Actually I don't have a recipe yet to tell you, this one was bought and we did not prepared it. It was grilled beef liver which is tasting deliciously and I can remember the recipe that my mom used to make back home. She used to cook us beef liver steak and it was almost the same taste like this one.

I enjoy it with my buttered garlic palak (spinach) recipe (Easy Spinach Recipe) which I have already shared here on my blog and you can just search it if you want to know the recipe. Of course eating this food is not complete without rice or chapatti (flat bread). Have a nice day everyone!


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