Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Veg Cake

Sounds interesting and it will catch your attention when I say that its a vegetable cake, but its not. It only shows Veg Cake but pertaining to vegetarian people are okay to eat this cake. It does not include any vegetable as you may think it is as what it shows on the label.

Fruit Cake or Veg Cake?
veg cake

The green label on the side tells its for vegetarians
fruit cake

It was vegetarian in the sense that the cake itself is eggless and it contains fruits instead of veggies. It's like more of a fruit cake if I may call it and as to what I assume that the title should be Fruit cake because it contains bits and pieces of dried fruits.

I do like this cake since it is healthy plus it reminds me of Christmas since fruit cakes are being sold in the market, well except for the wine treated fruit cakes, this one is just simple as it claim.

Care to have fruit cake? I mean veg cake? I always like to treat myself every time I feel hungry at wee hours and I have nothing else to prepare for a snack, this one is perfect for me. Have a pleasant day readers.


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