Sunday, December 11, 2011

Energy Bar to the Rescue

It really is difficult to be a hands on mom. I really do wake up in the early morning when baby needs attention. Most of the time, my baby is awake in the wee hours so I tend not to sleep and whenever I feel hungry and I am so lazy to eat food, I just grab the easiest delight that I can treat myself and that is the energy bars or nutrition bars that most people working on a gym would be munching.

Energy Bar to the rescue
choco bar

Hubby bought two packs of these since most of the time, I am just the one to look after baby and it is really difficult since I do tend to do my work slow or little by little. At times that I need to cook, I see to it that baby is asleep. But whenever he is awake, it will be difficult for me to continue the work that I have to do particularly cooking, so the tendency is that I get hungry.

Nutrition bar anyone?
energy bar

I do like to snack on nuts and dried fruits as well as cakes and some biscuits. Aside from that I do have my yakult or the fermented milk and what else, these energy bars to keep me going. This is also the reason why I have been stagnant on updating my food blog since I cannot attend to cooking and most of the times, I let hubby cook our food or he orders our food.

What I don't like much in this energy bar is that it looks like its all rice crispies coated with chocolate syrup and chocolate. I still like granola bars even if they are hard to chew but they have bits and pieces of fruits. Anyway, I still have one more pack to go before I finish it. It's been another week to come, have a pleasant Sunday everyone!


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