Thursday, December 15, 2011

Broiled Chicken in Olive Oil

I like the taste of Broiled Chicken cooked in Olive Oil. I like how Hypercity have come up with this recipe. In fact when we do order chicken tandoori for them, its also tasty. If ever I have my own oven I will try to create my own dish like this one, its really two thumbs up for Christmas recipe especially if you have that big turkey.

Broiled Chicken in Olive Oil, Yummy!

I don't know if hubby would have his duty during Christmas season, if ever I won't be so fuzzy on what to cook and prepare since we don't have any invited guest to come along since this country is not even bothered about Christmas and there's no Christmas rush for them.

A Good Christmas Treat for the Family!

Anyway, I like how the herbs and spices savor in this Broiled Chicken cooked in Olive oil. It is healthy and I like how chicken is cooked this way. It was about 489 grams in weight and the cost was Rs108.00 only, still cheap if you were to ask me. Have a pleasant day everyone and advance Merry Christmas to all!


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