Thursday, December 22, 2011

Assorted Cakes

I got strawberry cake, chocolate and fruit cake on the table this morning. If only I have the time and gadget to bake a cake, I would be delighted to make one for Christmas. Anyway, I first took a bite on chocolate cake.

assorted cake 2

It was already that chewy because it was there in the ref for two days. The rest of the cake were still wrapped and I plan to eat them maybe in the afternoon snack. Cakes were not that sweet so I don't get used of eating it since some cakes here were eggless, some are not that sweet so it is also good to health.

assorted cake1

Three more days to go before Christmas. Kids do like cakes and pastries even the colorful ones. But I still like to eat cakes with fresh fruits. It is also great to match these cakes with your favorite beverage like hot coffee or tea, milk, soda drinks and fresh fruit juice.


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