Sunday, December 18, 2011

Pumpkin Seeds as a healthy snack

Don't you know that pumpkin seeds are healthy as snacks especially for people who wants to conceive and have kids. Men should be eating a lot of pumpkin seeds in order to add their sperm count. Whether this one is true, I find it interesting since eating pumpkin seeds has something to do to help our reproductive system.

Pumpkin Seeds are really healthy as snacks
pumpkin seeds

It is also good for women to include this in their snack. It is rich in folic acid as well and can increase the chances of getting fertile so if you want to conceive and have a baby, be sure to include healthy and nutritious food in your diet which includes your snack.

Most of us just much on junk foods that can harm our body. If you want to be healthy, kick off those soda and carbonated drinks. It will never do good to your body. Instead you can try on drinking nutritious drinks such as fresh juice from fruits, milk, water, green tea (depends on what brand) and other organic foods which is free from pesticides and harmful chemicals such as preservatives in foods.

Hubby always consider buying this pumpkin seeds because he likes the taste and at the same time, help in his digestion. Pumpkin seeds can also help prevent prostate cancer, helps your bladder and has zinc which is good for a healthy eye sight and hair.


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