Friday, December 16, 2011

Golden Apple

Wow, this was my first time to see a golden apple. Actually it's yellow in color but they call it Golden Indian Apple. The price is just the same with the regular red apple. It's just the same in taste if you would ask me, crunchy and tasty too.

golden apple2

Its lovely if you will include this in your table during Christmas, colors of red, yellow or golden and then the green apple, what a colorful fruit isn't it. It's also a healthy choice if you favor fruits and veggies included in your festive season and minimize eating fatty meat and preserved meats to prevent high cholesterol.

Golden apples with pears
golden apple

During Christmas and New Year, people tend to eat a lot of unhealthy food. That includes sweets which are difficult for the body to flush out and which leads to diabetes. I really suggest mothers to prepare garden salad and fruits and fish during Christmas and New Year celebrations instead of pork ham, bacon and other meat with preservatives which is unhealthy. Nine more days before Christmas!


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