Saturday, April 9, 2011

Easiest Spinach Recipe

I have a bunch of spinach in the fridge that is needed to be cook and prepared. I was browsing for some recipes online till I found this easiest and quickest way to prepare it. We do know that most people eat Spinach as part of their salad. But most of Asian countries have their own versions of spinach which I can say is not fitted for a salad and only good to eat when you cook it.
Fresh and Crispy Spinach leaves being Sauted
spinach 3

Well anyway, the kind of spinach that I am talking about is good for salad and also for cooking but then I still prefer to eat it when cooked so the easiest and most convenient way to prepare it is to sauté it without any fuzz or not needing too much ingredients into it.
This type of recipe that I am going to share you is the most quickest and no sweat recipe that I have cooked. Perfect for people who are always on the go or busy to prepare food and is just nutritious. I have been eating this veggie seriously because my body needed more folic and iron since I am pregnant and now that this veggie is just easy to buy and very much affordable to where I am now, well I do take the opportunity to buy it and eat it three times a week, of course I do prepare it in a way that is different from each day so that I would not also complain of having the same taste.
I have found a lot of helpful recipes in cooking Spinach like some do in the West that they bake it and include it in their pie. Wow, that is really something I am looking forward but still I needed to wait out to buy an oven for great baking.
Spinach has antioxidant which is also a good source of Vitamins and Minerals needed by our body. If you are pregnant just like me, you should consider adding this veggie to your daily diet. Spinach is good for the bones because it has Calcium and also iron. Best of all it has Vit. B9 or folic acid which I am sure most women should take if they wanted to have babies in the future. Here is the ingredient for preparing Garlic Spinach Recipe:
Ingredients for Garlic Spinach Recipe:
Bunch of fresh spinach
2 cloves of garlic (chopped)
Ground black Pepper
Olive oil

Preparation / Methods for Cooking Garlic Spinach:

Make sure that you wash your spinach very carefully because it has soil particles on its end part. You can use a veggie wash for this to eradicate any pesticides of chemicals used in the veggie. Once your spinach leaves are washed with clean running water, the next step is to cut the leaves into two to three inches. This makes it bigger since your spinach will shrink back once it was cooked.
Spinach is ready to eat

Garlic Spinach is perfect on any fried meat or fish, but for me it was fried crab sticks..
saute spinach

Heat up the oil in the pan and put the garlic. Sauté the garlic and once it is golden brown in color, you can now put the spinach leaves. Sprinkle it with salt and ground black pepper and don’t put water because your spinach and salt will be ample enough for it. The goodness of this recipe is that the garlic smell and flavor will bond the spinach making it so tasty and yummy to eat. Do not overcook your spinach. Five minutes will be enough for your spinach and as long as you see it withered like, then the veggie is ready to serve. Enjoy your meal together with other fried meat or fish.


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