Friday, April 22, 2011

The Importance of Breakfast

We all know that breakfast is the most important meal to perk up our day. It gets us going before we stepped out of the house and start our work. Breakfast can be divided into light, medium and heavy one in a Filipino family setting. We do consider a lot of varieties as for our breakfast unlike any other nationalities that sticks only on their routinary breakfast meal.

This is my routinary breakfast meal
kellogs,honey loops,cereals

What is on our table during breakfast meals? Well it can be from bread and coffee, or it can be fruits only or it can be as heavy as rice with dried fish and fried eggs. The list of breakfast meals goes on and on. Filipinos do like to eat and when it comes to breakfast, we can combine a lot of things from hot porridge and fried tofu, sticky rice or rice cakes served with hot chocolate or tea. It can also be beef tapa with egg and stir fried rice. The combinations are endless when you visit Philippines, we can offer you a lot when it comes to breakfast alone.
Now what do I have for now, well it is not a typical Filipino breakfast meal but of the westerners.

Kids do like this kind of breakfast
breakfast meals,milk

It is cereals with cold milk. It is easy to prepare since you only need two things, cereals and non-fat or low fat milk. Unlike any other breakfast meals that need to be cooked and served while hot, this one is the opposite of all. You don’t need to cook or pre-heat it, even the milk is cold. Reading the label of the content is important so that you will know the daily nutritional requirements our body gets on the food that we eat.
Cereals are also rich in folate, iron and calcium which are badly needed by pregnant women like me. You can also include fresh cut strawberries here and bananas to add more fiber into your diet. You just need to consider skimmed milk which is non-fat or low in fat so that you won’t be worrying much on gaining too much.

Cereals have wheat, barley and corn which is needed by our body. It is rich in vitamins and other minerals that our body can get when we eat cereals. Not only cereals are healthy options, you can also consider eating oatmeals and fresh fruits for breakfast. It is really good for the heart because it has no cholesterol at all compared to the breakfast meals that I have mentioned above.
Anyway, just what we regularly do, eating healthy is good as long as we also have a healthy lifestyle which means proper exercise for the body and taking care of our health by eliminating smoking or cutting off alcoholic drinks.


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