Sunday, April 24, 2011

Beef Stew (Nilagang Baka)

I am not a fan of beef stew since I really don’t like how it gets my mouth greasy all over whenever the dish gets cold. I just wanted it hot when served as I sip the beefy goodness of the soup. Sometimes, you won’t be able to tell the beef that you bought was soft or as hard as steel that will take you time to boil it. Better yet most housewives use pressure cooker on tenderizing their beef.

Do not over cook your veggie when you cook Beef Stew
beef stew,green beans,potato

Although I cannot deny the fact that it is easy to cook if the beef meat is just young and soft to chew. It does not need too much ingredients. You can use green beans, cabbage and potatoes in it. But this time, I only have green or French beans and potatoes. I will share to you how to cook and prepare Beef stew:
Beef meat (1/2 kilo) cut into big cubes
1 Medium size onion (cut into 4)
1 Beef bouillon cube
1 lady finger chili
Green beans (remove both ends, don’t cut in half)
1 big potato (cut into quarter)
Salt / fish sauce (for seasoning)
Black ground pepper

Preparations/ Methods on how to cook Beef Stew (Nilagang Baka)

Beefy soup goodness!

Step 1: Boil the beef meat for 30 minutes or more (just check if the beef is soft and tender). Include some salt and onion while boiling.

Step 2: If the beef meat is tender and not rubbery, you can now put the beef bouillon cube, lady finger chili and potatoes and just check the water. If it’s not enough, add some more water and season it with salt or you can use fish sauce into this dish. Don’t worry about the amount of water you use, this is a soup, it’s okay for your beef meat to swim.

Step 3: If the potato is half done, you can now put the green beans and put some ground black pepper into it. Once your veggies are all done, you can now turn the flame off. Serve this dish hot.


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