Sunday, April 10, 2011

Craving for Vanilla Ice cream

I know it is not advice to take too much sugar or carbohydrates during pregnancy. I only take a cup a day for my daily dose of ice cream. It was just another food craving which I can consider my comfy food since I do get some odd taste on such food. It does taste unpleasant or bitter type. Even if I like the food and eat it, later on there will be an after taste that I really wanted to flush out from my tongue.

Vanilla Ice Cream by Amul
ice cream,vanilla

Well, this vanilla ice cream will just do the trick for the mean time. But I still needed to figure out what I can do so that I won’t be sticking much on sweets and cold treats such as this. I know I am an ice cream monster before, but this pregnancy surely gave me an idea to give it a try. Actually I don’t like any other flavored ice cream. So the nearest and safest for my mouth was vanilla. I don’t know why, but mostly I do like to take in white colored foodies and snacks.

My comfy snack, Vanilla Ice cream with pearl balls, weird combo
ice cream 2,vanilla 2

I do like to include white marshmallows and pearl balls on my ice cream. Funny isn’t it? I do have a good laugh on my food combinations sometimes. Indeed online research does make a big help when it comes to nutritious foods to take and I will be serious this time to consider what is best for me and my baby. I would really have to force myself to eat more since I do lack in weight and the doctor told me to add more weight like 12 more kilos. Well, that will be a lot of hard work I guess since I have been around 45 kilos only, and now I needed to gain more weight, maybe even pizza will help me with this one, LOL! Aiming to get that weight...hope soonest!


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