Thursday, April 21, 2011

How to Choose Sweet Watermelons

Its summer and it will never be complete without tasting that sweet, juicy and refreshing watermelons right? Well, you will miss it if you don’t try. I used to remember whenever we go outing on a beach or a picnic; my mom would always have watermelons along with us. Watermelons are colorful bright red which is so juicy and sweet, rich in fiber and I can’t really resist the smell of it once you open it up. You will surely know a watermelon when its cut even if your eyes are blind folded, your nose can tell.
There are so many ways on what you can do for your watermelons like eating it fresh, or including it in your salad or make it a fruit smoothie. You can also try to combine it with other fruits for a juice drink. Watermelons are rich in vitamins and are also antioxidant. It rejuvenates your body as it adds fluid too. It improves your skins elasticity and gives you a good glow.

Mouth watering Watermelons
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Do you know how to choose the sweetest watermelons in the market? Well, I can tell you some tips on how to buy the right watermelon and choose only those that are ripe and sweet. But you should know that there are lots of varieties of watermelons in the market. Some are small and dark rind in color; some have stripes and are big. Other countries shape up their watermelons into squares and some watermelons are yellow in their outer skin but the color is so red inside. Some watermelons are seedless, some have smaller seeds and some watermelons have the biggest seeds. But no matter what type of watermelon you eat, what is important is that it should be sweet and ripe before you buy them.
Here are some tips I can share to you on how to select the sweetest refreshing watermelons.

Small,dark rind type of watermelon which is very sweet
fiber rich,red,sweet,watermelons

1.Check if the watermelon is firm and if there is no crack or signs or being bruised by someone who has dropped it. In this way you can know if your watermelon is fresh and in good condition.
2.Smell the tip of your watermelon, is there any indication that it smells sweet or just neutral. If your smelling senses are really tough, you can tell by smelling if the watermelon is already ripe and sweet.
3.Knock the watermelon, if it sounds low pitch and firm, it means it is ripe.
4.Check it again by knocking, in this way you will know the ripe and sweet watermelon. If you hear the watermelon sounds somewhat the same like knocking your forehead, then it’s not yet ripe. But if you knock it and it sounds pretty much the same like knocking your chest, then that is already ripe.
5.Make sure there is only one side of the watermelon that has a yellow color and it’s at the tip but this one depends on the type of watermelon. I still suggest you do the knocking technique.


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