Monday, April 25, 2011


It’s a movie marathon for the past week since Holy Week. I have been collecting Bible movies in our computer and it was really worth it. Watching it takes more time than a regular movie and that means we need popcorn. It was just timely that we have bought it at the grocery nearby and it has a lot of flavors to offer.

Fresh, hot and crispy popcorn!
pop corn

It has classic flavor which is salted, butter, chili surprise, masala and more. What I just selected was classic flavor and butter. Watching movies can never be more fun and complete whenever we eat popcorn. Besides, I do consider it still as a healthy snack and I really don’t have any after taste whenever I eat it since being pregnant sure does a weird taste bud.
Popcorn as they say was first discovered by the Native Americans, it is cheap but still has a way to fill a hungry stomach. There are ways how popcorns pop; it can be through hot air or by cooking it in a pan with oil. Well, the type of popcorn that we used to buy was included with oil and we do cover it in a pre- heated pan and shake it well so that the popcorn can be cooked well.

Care to have some poppety corn!
pop corn

I like the sound how crunchy and puffy popcorn is. Although parents should know this very well that popcorns should not be given to kids 4 years and below because it is one of the foods considered as a choking hazard.
Popcorn smells awesome and even if you are on your way to the cinema, you would obviously smell this captivating smell, ahh that excludes cheese flavor if you may ask me. Popcorn has antioxidant because of polyphenols. It is rich in fiber and low in fat not unless you have to cut that butter or margarine and salt on your flavored popcorn.
Anyway, popcorn is popcorn, everyone enjoys it. Whatever the season may be summer or winter, it does not matter. For us popcorn will always be a lifetime favorite especially when watching.


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