Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Mushroom- Cheese Grilled Sandwich

I read this on the menu of local restaurant near us when we had our short order for our dinner since we don’t have much time to prepare and I was super hungry. Well, it will take time to wait for the orders so I asked hubby if I can have a sandwich while waiting and this is what I selected from their menu.

Mushroom and cheese grilled sandwich, very heavy on the tummy!

First of all, it was my first time to order such a sandwich and when I read mushroom and cheese grilled, I got curious because I used to remember bacon and mushroom melt sandwich back home in a famous fast food chain and it was super delicious. So I said, well exclude bacon on this one, probably I may get the same or somewhat the same taste to it. Well to my surprise after 4-5 minutes of waiting, my sandwich arrived on the table.
It was lovely on the outside to see the melted cheese covering the outer layer of grilled sandwich, but when I snooped what’s inside, I never realized that this sandwich would include tomatoes, onions, cucumber (fresh, not pickled), grind spinach, fresh green chili, mushroom bits, and spices along with it which my tongue would taste.
I was really laughing because I never expected a lot of intruders inside, I mean I never expected too much of it inside this sandwich when in fact I just focused only on the two main things, the mushroom and the cheese. Well the taste isn’t the way I liked it but because I was so hungry I ate it all and I was really full.
The price of Rs50 is enough for the price since it was like a salad in a sandwich for me and most of all I can say that this type of sandwich would surely adore vegetarian fans out here, not unless if they still mind the cheese. Well, just a new discovery for me and my verdict if I am going to order it again next time, well maybe not. I still don’t feel the combination of spinach and cucumber in my mouth. If I were to choose, I would just pick up the mushrooms and cheese in it, well I can include the tomato, onion and cucumber as long as there is mayonnaise and some ketchup included to it, but its not.


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