Saturday, April 9, 2011

Penne Arrabiata

I got interested in trying this pasta recipe because it was so simple to make and it does not need a lot of ingredients. I prepared it for only 5 minutes of course not inclusive on how I cooked the penne pasta. Penne Arrabiata is an Italian dish and Arrabiata means “angry” because in this recipe you would need to put chili to make it spicy.
If you are not fond of spicy foods then this recipe will not be included in your list. However if your tongue wants to venture out about something chili yet delicious; then you should try this wonderful recipe.
What I used for this recipe are two pieces of medium size fresh tomatoes. I don’t have tomato puree at home or any tomato sauce so I just used the blender to crush and make tomato sauce. It was really delicious and tempting once you see how the color changes in cooking penne Arrabiata. You can try tomato ketchup if you like it sweet and sour and kinda tangy. This recipe is really good to pair or match with garlic bread and fried chicken. You can also try it together with pizza, ohh now I’m feeling hungry again. Here is the instruction on how to cook Penne Arrabiata.
Ingredients for Penne Arrabiata:
2 cloves of garlic
2 tbsp. extra virgin olive oil (or you can use any vegetable oil)
1 bird’s eye chili (red/ chopped)
Tomato sauce or tomato puree
200 grams of penne pasta (good for two people)
Coriander leaves (for garnishing)
Grated cheese (any hard cheese will do if you don’t have parmesan or pecorino-romano cheese)
Salt (to taste)

Preparations and Method for Cooking Penne Arrabiata:

On a pot you have to boil the penne pasta and make it aldente. For best result, just follow what is on the packet on what you bought. It does mention how many minutes that you have to boil the pasta. It can be from 9-15 minutes depending on the brand. Be sure to add a bit of salt to your water and a few drops of oil too. Once your penne pasta is ready, keep it aside.

My delicious Penne Arrabiata Pasta
arrabiata ito

On a heated pan put the olive oil and sauté the garlic and the bird’s eye chili which is chopped into smaller rings. Once it is done you can now add the sauce. Simmer the tomato sauce in minutes to blend the spicy taste of the chili and then put some salt. After this you can now put the penne pasta that you have already cooked earlier and then stir well. Sprinkle with coriander leaves and grated cheese for finishing touches. You can now enjoy your Spicy Penne Arrabiata Pasta. Best serve with any toasted garlic bread and pizza or whatever food that you like.

I am sure that you will like this recipe and it’s good for mommies who are always busy and does not have much time to cook food. You can also experiment with this recipe by putting Spanish sausage depending on availability of course. Enjoy cooking and eating!


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yummy! i love my pasta simple yet spicy.. no white sauce pls :D

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