Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Jeera Aloo ( Cummin Potatoes )

I was thinking on what to prepare on our potatoes since we bought it last week and I don’t want to spoil it by just letting it sit there together with our remaining onions. Well I have found the best and one of the easiest ways to cook it and that is Jeera Aloo or Potatoes with Cummin seeds.
The scent of jeera or cumin in the kitchen was really awesome whenever you try this recipe. The taste is also delicious and what I like is that I don’t have to sweat to prepare this meal since it is just simple and does not need a lot of ingredients. If you just have your spices at home, then this will be perfect for your potatoes. Here is the instruction on how to prepare Jeera Aloo recipe:
Delicious Jeera Aloo Recipe
jeera aloo 1

Medium size potatoes (boiled and cut into bigger cubes)

Boiled Potatoes
jeera seed
jeera powder
coriander powder
masala powder
curry leaves ( 5 pcs. )
green chili (what I used was bird’s eye chili)
coriander leaves
salt (to taste)
vegetable oil

Procedure / Methods on how to cook Jeera Aloo :

As I have said boil the potatoes first and slice it into bigger cubes. After this set it aside and heat up a pan and put oil. Once your oil is hot, you can now put your jeera seeds, one teaspoon will be enough but if you have more than 3 big pieces of potatoes, then you can add more of your jeera seeds.

Garnish Jeera Aloo with Coriander leaves
jeera aloo 2

Once your jeera seeds started to crackle, then put some of curry leaves and chopped green chili, and then followed by the following powders like jeera powder, coriander powder, a little bit of masala powder and turmeric. Don’t burn the powder so stir it well and put the potatoes. Be sure that the flame was put into slow flame only and stir the ingredients to blend well with your potatoes. Cover the pan and simmer for 2 minutes and now you can garnish it with coriander leaves or cilantro. Just taste your potatoes if you needed to put more salt, then just add. Hope you enjoy this dish.


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Lots of great looking dishes here! I can't keep up with all the dishes I want to make...there's always so many good ones :)
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