Saturday, April 2, 2011

Beef Mushroom with Turnip

My body needed more iron and folate since I am on my first trimester of pregnancy. I tend to cook only those which I and my baby will benefit and beef meat is one of the most important things to consider. Turnip is not my favorite but since it is rich also in nutrients that a pregnant woman needs, I also included it in this wonderful recipe. I just can’t resist combining beef and mushroom. Actually you can create a lot of exciting recipes using these two. Mushrooms as we know are also rich in protein. So this meal that I personally prepared was just my way of saying to myself, eat healthy so that baby can be of good health and condition too. Here are the following instructions for this recipe.
½ kilo beef meat (cut into cubes)
½ beef bouillon cube
1 medium sized onion (chopped)
2 cloves of garlic
2 small turnips
1 small carrot
2 tbsp. soya sauce
Salt (seasoning)
Ground black pepper (seasoning)
2tbsp. oil
½ cup sweet and spicy sauce
2 tbsp. tomato sauce or tomato ketchup
8 tbsp. beef stock

Beef Mushroom with turnip , rich and creamy as I like it to be
beef mushroom and turnip 1

Preparations / Methods for Cooking Beef Mushroom with Turnip
Boil the beef meat first for about 30 minutes. If it is tender enough then you can set it aside and sauté first the following. On a pre-heat pan with oil, put the garlic cloves and onions. Sprinkle a pinch of salt to cook your onions well. After this, you can now put half the cube of your beef bouillon and spread it to the onions that were being sautéed. After this, you can now put the mushrooms. Now, I don’t have any problem whatever mushroom you use, be it buttons, shitake or any edible mushrooms that you can include, they will just be fine. As long as you can see the mushroom got soft and moistened, you can now put the turnip. Put the flame into medium heat as you tenderize the turnip. Remember that turnips are hard so you can slice them a bit thinner to cook them easier.
Beef with Mushroom and turnip
beef,mushroom,turnip recipe

After sautéing the veggies, you can now include lastly your carrots. Since your veggies are all done, you can now transfer them back to the pan on which you have boiled your beef meat. Make sure that there is not much water in your beef because were not cooking a soup for a recipe. Just an ample amount of water is needed because you will put the sautéed veggies together with the beef.
After 2 minutes of stirring the beef meat with the veggies, you can now put the tomato ketchup and the sweet and spicy sauce in the pan. If you think that there was not enough sauce, try to add the beef stock. Taste it if it is just right, if not you can sprinkle some salt and black ground pepper as for the finishing touch.
I do hope you like this recipe. You can also include some flour to thicken the sauce if that’s what you wanted. But as for me, the tomato ketchup and the sweet and spicy sauce did the trick so I didn’t add any more flour.


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