Monday, November 28, 2011


It wasn't our food today but three days ago and I wasn't that quick to post since I really don't have the time unlike before. I call it maskipaps in short for the tagalog word "Maski papaano" or in English it means anything goes. Yes, you heard it right, I call it a recipe called maskipaps because hubby was the one who cooked it as a soup since I don't want to eat anything spicy because it is not allowed because I am breast feeding my baby.

Anyone care for a boiled chicken soup

So I told him to cook me some soup and this is what he prepared. He combined the veggies like potato, broccoli, tomato and cabbage and boil it in a cooker. The seasoning was just salt and black pepper. I cannot complain anymore, I really can't cook when I started to attend baby's needs like breastfeeding, my hands are already tied up.

Boiled Chicken with veggies

Anyway, going back to the food prepared, it was just a quick one since he used a cooker, the chicken and the other veggies were all done in 5 to 6 minutes. I was even scared for the outcome of putting broccoli in a cooker since broccoli were suppose to be eaten crunchy and greenish not yellowish or darker in color. I was just thankful that I have something to eat that day!


Elvirah said...

The soup looks absolutely amazing and i'd definitely want to give it a try. Everything in it looks like a healthy stuff to keep up with the health

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It sure looks tasty and I like the design of your page...

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ladyguinevere28 said...


Looks so yummy,here in our place we call it "patsam" or what we mean "pa tsamba". So its also anything goes. So long you cook it no exact recipe.

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Thank you


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