Monday, July 11, 2011

Crunchy Potato Croquettes

If you have potatoes at home, you might want to try this recipe. It is considered a snack or you can also include this as a side dish to your meal since it is made out of mash potatoes.

Crunchy Potato Croquettes for you to try

The process is not that easy since you need to boil potatoes first and then mash them. But if you already have left over mash potatoes, the better because all you needed to do is to get an egg, mix it with salt and ground black pepper and then fresh milk. Not to much fresh milk because you don’t want this mixture to be watery.

Just two to three tablespoons of milk will do. But since I don’t have fresh milk, I tried to use two tablespoons of condensed milk and mix it with egg, salt and pepper. Again, you can include other spices if you like. For me, I just followed what was instructed. I should have been bolder to add ginger-garlic paste to this one and some chili powder. But anyway, this will do the trick.

Mashed potatoes dipped in egg and rolled to bread crumbs

The next step that you needed to do is to mix the ingredients. Scoop the mash potatoes using an ice cream scoop to be equivalent in size. But if you don’t have a scooper, then just a simple spoon will do and then roll them up looking like a mini ball and then dip it in a beaten egg and then bread crumbs.

Set aside all the potatoes that were rolled into a ball and then deep fry it in oil. Make sure that the oil is hot before placing those ball potatoes in. You can be assured that the potatoes are okay to remove from oil if it is brown in color. You can use any of your favorite condiments like ketchup or mayo to dip these potato croquettes.

As for me, you can see that I grated cheese on top. It is also good to dip it in any salad dressings or to whatever sauces you like to combine and experiment on these potato croquettes. If you like potatoes, I am sure you would also like this recipe.

You can dip this Potato Croquettes in any favorite sauce of your choice

It doesn’t give aromatic smell while cooking it. I wish I should have added that ginger-garlic paste to give some exciting scent. The taste for me is not that great if it were not dipped into my favorite sauce. This recipe could have been much tasty if I have included other spices. But anyway, so much for the rant, it is up to you if you wanted to add more fillings aside from mashed potatoes.

You can try to include some cheese or crab meat or chicken bits. You can explore more on other ingredients to match mashed potatoes, nothing can be wrong if you are just daring to try.


Eftychia said...

It looks tasty!!

Ivy Bliss said...

YUM! I have leftover mashed potatoes from last night...maybe I'll be making this tonight! :)
I found you on Network Blogs. Please check out and maybe my blog.

Anonymous said...

what i always make is the tuna croquette. it's actually my specialty hehe..

Anonymous said...

howmaygad. i am soo hungry right now, and your post makes me more hungrier. i shall make this! :)

moirai said...

You said it didn't taste great but it still looks yummy. =P

Crib said...

Wow! I will bookmark this. For sure, my husband and daughter would love this.

Strawberrychocodahi said...

@Cherrey- that tuna croquette seems interesting to cook too.
@Eftychia- yes, it is yummy
@denise-tempting isn't it!
@Ivybliss- following you my dear :)
@moirai- for me, but I guess for others it will be
@Crib- thanks, hope you try my other recipes too!

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