Thursday, July 14, 2011

Garlic Butter Chicken

This is not the regular butter chicken in India where it is cooked with nice thick gravy. It is pretty obvious that the recipe I cooked today was dry and fried and the marvelous taste of tomato puree with ginger- garlic, butter and cardamom seeds infused deeply into the chicken so that you may really savor eating it even the very bones.

Garlic-butter chicken with cardamom seeds, ginger and green chili

The regular butter chicken is rich in gravy sauce and its orangey color suits well with the chicken that they usually include which is already a tandoori or grilled. If you may not know yet what a chicken tandoori is, you can check google on it and you will notice that the chicken is already orange in color.

Butter chicken is always served in Indian restaurants and they really taste exquisite. But this time, I highly favored to make a rendition of a butter chicken which is dry and with no heavy gravy at all and the smell of ginger and garlic makes it even more fantastic to the palate. I just wish that I can give more justice on how to present it in full photo detail which if ever I may be able to upgrade my camera, it would be such a tease to you my readers. But anyway, my point is to inspire you also to cook and try these recipes that I post here.

Frying the goodness of tomato puree in butter and garlic, smells so delicious

I just don’t keep delicious foods to myself, I share it here with my friends so that they too would be inspired to cook and have the same passion of preparing foods for their loved ones. So going back again to cooking and this recipe, what I did was just fry the chicken pieces into a separate pan. I just used salt for the chicken, if you may, you can include marinating your chicken with turmeric powder and chili powder, but as for what this recipe calls for, I only used plain salt for frying the chicken.

About infusing the flavor, well you need one tomato and chopped it into smaller size. Put butter in the pan and add some small amount of oil into it so that you won’t get your butter burnt in color. If you see the butter melted, you can now add maze and cardamom seeds. After this will be your tomatoes.

Make sure the tomatoes were already mashed and keep it aside to cool down before you place it in a mixer to make a puree. I still suggest doing this instead of buying a ready-made tomato puree; remember that original is the best so no added preservative is present in your food.

Once your puree is ready, you can now start to heat butter to another pan and put some oil into it. Once the butter melted, you can now add garlic into it. Make sure the garlic is golden brown before you put the sliced ginger (slice lengthwise) and 1 green chili (sliced also into lengthwise). After this you can now add the tomato puree.

Use a strainer to remove the skin of the tomato of your puree. No need to add water into the mixture. Mix the puree with what you are sautéing and keep the flame slow for 10 minutes. After this you may now add your fried chicken and keep it simmer for another 5 minutes. Just add salt to taste if you feel like adding more to the taste.
The smell of the kitchen is superb but the taste is more ecstatic, pushing you to the next level of cooking for more or eating for more whichever comes into your mind first. Hope you do like and try this delightful recipe, and I’ll be here keeping you posted.


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