Friday, July 22, 2011

Hongkong Noodles and Vegetable-Cheese Grilled Sandwich

I wasn’t able to post new articles in the last three days because our internet was down. It was really a headache since I am trying my best to update my site everyday so that my readers would not get bored when they visit my site.

Anyway so much for the rant, I just wanted to share these two foods that I have tried. Yes, I just bought it and not prepared it. It was raining continuously and I was really minding the leak that we have in the kitchen, it was really annoying although what can we do, we’re just renting the place, hope we can find a better one if we have the opportunity.

Big yummy vegetable sandwich for vegetarians!
vegetable sandwich

Going back to the foods that I am talking about, well the noodle variant is quite unique to me but at the back of my mind, something already tells me that it will just be a bluff and another replica of what they just name noodles around here where in fact the noodles here in India are LIMITED, meaning they are made the same, their textures and tastes are the same therefore, this noodle, even if they assigned a name on it, will definitely be tasting the same with others.

It was reddish in color looking like spaghetti but this is not pasta. This is also made out of hakka noodles (wheat). The vegetables included were cabbage, capsicum and carrot and they have just added some Kashmiri Chilli to make it a bit spicy, but not too much although it was really oily and I can’t find anything else tastier to my palate.

Looking like spaghetti but it's not...
hongkong noodles

The noodles tasted a bit burnt and it does not have anything exciting on it. I was ordering for shrimp schezwan noodles but they don’t have it at the moment, so I did choose only those in the vegetarian dish list. I really regret buying this one but anyway, just for experience sake so by next time I hear this menu again, I know what it is and I will really avoid it, ahhh only to that particular restaurant, I didn’t mean all restos would prepare it the same way.

The price is just cheap for only Rs60.00 and it serves good for two to three persons. I am still on my venture to look for more interesting noodle dishes here but I guess it will take some time if I had to try and visit foreign restaurants that operate here in Mumbai alone.

About the sandwich, well at least I can give it a rate of 4 out of 5 stars. It was really good for vegetarians because it contains fried potatoes, spinach paste, coriander, tomatoes, onions, cucumber bits, red beets, cabbage and carrots that are also grinded into a paste and the rest on top was cheddar cheese.

The sandwich was grilled and not toasted. The price was also cheap which is also Rs60 and is good for 4 people. Indeed if you wanted to trim down, you can just order this type of sandwich for your lunch and it will make your tummy full but with no guilt because it is made healthy.


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