Sunday, July 3, 2011

Badami Mango Delight

It was hubby’s off day and it’s time for me to prepare something for him since it was our day to bond and he also manages to do some household chores even if I don’t ask him to clean, he would initiate and I was really thankful for that. So I did make some smoothie and we have Badami mangoes inside the fridge.

This one may seem to look more of a mango shake and indeed I can’t deny the fact that it was also easy to prepare. Just slice some badami mangoes, remove the flesh and don’t scrape off the inmost part so that you won’t be getting the fiber. Next thing is put it in a fruit blender, add some ice, mix fruit juice or mango juice if you have, two tablespoons of all-purpose cream, sugar and two drops of vanilla extract. Mix it well in a blender, and presto you have your smoothie mango.

Badami Mango Delight with Pearl Balls

But that’s not it, as you can see; I included tapioca or pearl balls in my badami mango delight drink. If you have pearl balls at home, here is what you need to do:
How to prepare pearl balls or tapioca (not the root crop), we call it sago in the Philippines, I don’t know here in India:

Method 1: You need to soak it in tap water for 20-30 minutes before you boil it in water. It is much easier to cook pearl balls if you soak it first in water.

Method 2: This method may take longer periods of boiling in water. But if you’re using only small pearl balls, it’s okay. But if you’re using bigger sized pearl balls, I still suggest that you soak it first before you boil in water.

Top view shot, with fresh mint leaves on the side

By the way, badami is a type of mango in India, if this is not available in your place, then any ripe mangoes will do. In India, there are so many mango types and one of it is alphonso mango which I featured in one of my blogs and you can read it in this link:

See : Crab, Shrimp and Alphonso Mango

Badami mangoes are bigger than alphonso. In fact when I first tasted this mango, it really melts well in my mouth and it was really sweet. The size of Badami mangoes grows from 6 inches to 8 inches long. It is really bigger than my palms to grasp.

This is Badami Mango from India

The one we had was just 6 inches in size but it was indeed a steal for the price of Rs50.00 for a kilo, the vendor would give us 3 to 4 pieces especially the one we always buy fruits so he gives us extra or discounted price. On the other hand alphonso mangoes are the export quality type of mangoes. It is really the most expensive mangoes I have ever known because the price of it ranges from Rs 200 ($4.50) – Rs 1000 ($22.72) for a kilo.


Nash Fernando said...

Oh my, I think I'm craving for some mangoes right after reading this. HAHA! Your presentation looks very appetizing specially with the glass. hehe...

I like visiting here. Followed you on GFC and NetBlogs. :)

Strawberrychocodahi said...

@Nash- thanks, followed you likewise :)

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