Sunday, July 10, 2011

Mini Subway Sandwich

It was another off day of hubby and we went out for a grocery. He does want to eat and prepare Vietnamese Beef Pho but I said to myself that it will take time so I better prepare something to eat before we take the soup.

Easy to Prepare Jackie's Subway Sandwich

Good thing that it was just easy to prepare, nothing much to sweat about especially if the ingredients that I wanted was already on hand. I have romaine lettuce, fresh cucumber, tomatoes, cheese, mayonnaise, ketchup, chicken salami and hotdog. I did not include any onions here, black olives and anchovies.

But anyway, it’s a selection on my part to get this altogether stuff inside that hotdog bun. It was not a special bun, just a regular bun without any sesame seeds on top. But if you happen to locate such, then you can use it. Another thing that you may add in here is mustard sauce which I don’t happen to have so I just used ketchup and mayo.

That lettuce sure is crunchy and match well with cucumber and tomatoes

You can also use pickled cucumber, but for me I don’t have a stock so I used the fresh and crispy cucumber that matches well with my tomato and romaine lettuce. I just used a regular cheddar cheese, nothing so fuzzy about it or used a bit expensive. In fact, the simplest subway sandwich ingredients that I can gather all together to make life easier and budget savvy for mommies out there who wants to try out this wonderful and delicious sandwich.

I have chicken salami which is just Rs65 for ¼ kilo and I fried only two pieces and slice it in the middle which is already good for two. You can have turkey salami if you want but that will be a bit costly. I just cut lengthwise the hotdogs to fit in the bun. But be sure to fry those juicy hotdogs before placing them in your sandwich.

I really like how the cheese hold firm the cucumber and tomatoes

We felt our tummy full right after we finish eating the sandwich. I was kidding my husband telling him to pay me since it was ordered from a restaurant. Actually I haven’t tried Subway sandwiches offered here. Most of them would contain Indian spices again, prepared and cooked in the way the Indians would like it, not the way how the westerners would prepare and like it. But anyway this is home cooked recipe so I was just happy that I had the time and privilege to prepare it and we really had a wonderful day eating it.


krizza said...

Wow! This certainly made me feel hungry at this early Monday morning! I was reminded suddenly that I haven't taken my breakfast yet. hahaha..

Visiting back!

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