Tuesday, July 12, 2011

What’s For Snack?

First of all friends, let me clear this straight, I am not endorsing the products that I posted here for the snack. It was just a representation of the food items that I was calling as “snacks”. What I have written here was not paid for nor did I ask for anything on behalf of the companies representing the food items on the picture. It is also not a product review because I won’t be dealing with what the products are all about.

Are All Snacks Good for Health? it depends, read the label!

It’s just another day in a life of a blogger that deals and talks about food. Whether it is a simple snack, dessert, food menu or fine dining experience, I write it all here in my site. I have these snacks ready dandy because if ever I feel hungry especially during late nights or early in the morning, a pregnant woman should always be eating if called for.

I find myself always hungry, at night even if I had my early dinner, I would still go for another round if hubby comes home after work and I would sit beside him and eat again. We don’t regularly sleep if we have full stomach, so the tendency is that when we watch or do something in the pc, we will still be eating some snacks.

I am not that choosy about snacks since I like to try new things that the market introduces. But definitely I am conscious of what was included in my snacks. For example the junkies that I have, well I see to it that there was no MSG included in it. Luckily these Kurkure’s are a handy, since they are made with Indian spices and lentils and do not have monosodium glutamate in it so it is safe for me to consume.

I also like cookies and mini cakes. It serves as a snack and sometimes it is also included in our breakfast so it’s like hitting two birds in one stone so I always see to it that I have a stock of cookies and some mini cakes.

Now that choco pie is a bliss! I can crave for salty foods but I would not dare to miss something sweet. I have been missing some marshmallows back home since I seldom find marshmallows here that will not be that expensive. I don’t know why they don’t sell much of marshmallows here which can be that affordable, but I am sure I can find ways that will still have marshmallows in it and that is why I have this choco pie as a substitute.

Dried fruits and nuts will always be part of our snack. In fact we do have dried dates, raisins and these pumpkin seeds that hubby really favor. It is considered as a healthy snack, not only for pregnant women but for all. I do take advantage of eating such since they are nutritious even if it is not that cheap to buy.

Eating snacks can either be healthy or not unless you realize that what you eat are just plain junk foods without any nutritional value or healthy ones that your body can get something good out of it.


[pinkc00kies] said...

omg! sarap :)

Cherrey said...

chocopie is a great invention. :-)

Nash Fernando said...

Ang sasarap ng mga posts mo lately. Lalu na ung mini subway. *OMG! I'm craving!* HAHAHA! Kaso busy sa thesis eh kaya this will just be a quick comment. hehe.. :) Hope to find some time to read them. :) hehe

kemarias said...

Some of our snack choices gets many of us in trouble. Nice post!

Strawberrychocodahi said...

yes ladies, it is really tempting, inviting and will make you crave for more.. hope next time I get a good quality cam, this site will totally be more mouth watering and drooling :)

jellybelly said...

I like chocopie. There are many snacks that claim to be healthy like those chips supposedly made of vegetables. It's still not healty with lots of salt.

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