Saturday, July 9, 2011

Beef Shank Stew or Bulalo

It’s a rainy weather out there and sipping soup is the most delightful way to enjoy the day. I have decided to make bulalo recipe at home since I haven’t prepared it yet. I just don’t have the other ingredients here were I would be delighted to share in the photo if there were more greens. I was talking about petchay and Chinese cabbage (missing in action).

Tasty Bulalo, sorry guys no pechay available here

Anyway that white cabbage did something at least aside from sweet corn that we put also in bulalo, some people would even add banana saba but for me well, I can’t even find saba here.
For the beef shank, well I just added some more meaty parts and beef bouillon to make the dish more tasty. I really have to use the pressure cooker for this one to make it good to the bones. It was indeed a success and it was really oily and I might say that this dish is really not meant for people with high blood pressure or is having hypertension because it is rich in cholesterol, sorry guys.

Well, it’s just only once that I cook Bulalo or Beef Shank Stew and we’re of good health at least to try this meal. Besides, not every day we do this so just the time being that I have the chance to cook and give it a go. It is like cooking beef stew, the only difference is that you include corn cobs here and you select bony parts like the shank and other bone parts of the cow (excuse me if you’re vegetarian).

Actually I did enjoy cooking this recipe because I included lemon grass which most would not like to include in their regular bulalo. But for me, the scent of lemon grass makes it even more appetizing to sip the soup and the smell of your kitchen will also be aromatic and enticing. I don’t see anything wrong if you include lemon grass in traditional bulalo recipe. It’s like infusing something to enrich the taste.

Rich in beefy flavor, rich also in oil

I was able to tenderize the beef bones within 25 minutes of cooking it in a pressure cooker. I turned it off and then added the corn cobs and cook it again for another 7 minutes and the last thing that I added was the cabbage which I just put on top and covered the cooker but the flame was already off because this veggie is just easy to cook, so no need to turn the stove on again.
I just removed the lemon grass stalks so you won’t be able to see it in the pictures that I posted.

What I take as an advantage cooking beef is cheaper since most people here don’t eat beef. Hubby was able to buy those beef bones for only Rs20.00 (like it’s a giveaway) since he already bought some beef meats to go along with the bony parts. I still have more beef meat in the fridge for beef steak but I already showed Bistek Tagalog in my recipe so you can just browse it here again and read the recipe also.


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