Saturday, July 16, 2011

Nothing but Fried

I don’t have anything super exciting food to post since I didn’t prepare anything especial today since I consider my kitchen closed. Not actually that close coz where will I be able to cook if I do that, what I meant for close is that nothing so exciting happened.

Fried Chicken with unexpected hotdog and humongous sliced badami mango

I don’t have stocks, we didn’t buy any ingredients yesterday and I was really upset about it. I really don’t have the mouth to speak what I wanted to buy but I really felt so tired just yesterday so I was not in the mood to cook.

In fact what I just prepared now was just something for my hungry stomach to eat. I can’t think well on what to post if I don’t feel happy so my mood also has something to do with it. The rainy weather added more of my gloomy day and I really totaled the whole day to be so boring and unfriendly towards me.

I didn’t want to reflect this on the food that I wanted to cook but certainly that Chefs may also feel the same way; they can’t just give their best shot in cooking if they really feel something heavy inside. I just laugh myself out while taking the photo of what I am going to eat, it looks unorganized too.

If you see the picture clearly, you might say imbalance. Yes, very true, the dish isn’t complimenting anyone. The mango is the main obstruction as the size of it overpowers the chicken pieces. There were no greens (veggies) except the plate background and surprisingly, the hotdog would just like to say “what am I doing here?”

Sorry friends, it was just the time of the day that I can’t exert much effort if I really do feel drain. But hoping by next week, I can fully recharge my batteries and as well I can come up with much more exciting ideas to share here, for now please bear with my dryness. I really feel not so good about this week and I am totally down. Hope to get things better soon and I will post you the best.


Nash Fernando said...

WOW! That's a large mango! HAHA! What kind of mango is that? Looks yummy. hehe

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