Thursday, June 30, 2011

Pinoy Spaghetti Treat

What is Pinoy Spaghetti and why it differs from Italian Spaghetti. Well Pinoy or Filipino Spaghetti is mostly sweet and can never be hot and spicy just like the Italian spaghetti. Most Italians would use a homemade fresh tomato puree unlike most Filipinos would go for canned tomato sauce or paste to simplify the procedure correct me if I am wrong.

Pinoy style spaghetti is really something which I cannot resist to eat. It is simply one of my comfort food because of its balanced taste of sweetness and sourness and the simple ingredients of minced beef and hotdog makes it appealing to my taste buds.

Pinoy Style Spaghetti, pasta and sauce being mixed here
pinoy style,spaghetti

Italian spaghetti may be consisting of fresh chili or they may include anchovies in it especially if it was Spaghetti Puttanesca with olive oil and black pitted olives. The versions are endless but you can really define pinoy style spaghetti just by looking at its ingredients.
We do use banana ketchup so that the sauce will be sweet not unless others may have used to put sugar if they think the sweetness was not yet enough. About the cheese, well any simple cheddar cheese will do and no need to buy expensive ones. Pinoy style spaghetti may not be having meatballs as to what most people do prepare since meat balls will only be in canned goods, so the rendition will always be minced beef or pork.

Fellow brothers enjoying their spaghetti treat
spaghetti food

There are two ways for preparing this pinoy style spaghetti. One method is cooking the pasta first and the sauce separately. If you’re the host for the party, you may have to put the pasta on a separate container and the sauce on a saucer. Then the guest will be the one to mix the ingredients like the hotdog, the sauce and sprinkle the grated cheese.

Anna and Yves just enjoying their spaghetti meal

But for those who want to make it simpler and economical, they already mixed the sauce into the pasta and sprinkle the grated cheese along with it and mixed it well before serving it to their guest. On the occasion that I have shown here on the picture, our family friend manages to mix the sauce with the pasta and serve it individually on a styro serving plate before giving it to guests.

Well, you can clearly see how happy most of the visitors are while eating their spaghetti matched with sandwich and juice drink. Spaghetti will always be part of special occasions like birthday celebrations, graduation, despidida, weddings, anniversary and a lot more. This is one dish that Italians may have influenced us although we alter it according to taste.


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pinoy spaghetti, an ever present item in every household occasion :-) i put margarine in my recipe..

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