Monday, June 13, 2011

Dosa and Falooda for snack

The very first time I arrived in India, I already liked the taste of falooda. There are different ways people prepare it here but whatever is their concoction, the main ingredient would always include tapioca pearls which are chewy and crunchy.

For me, falooda is served best if you include an ice cream on it, but I have nothing against falooda that does not have a match of ice cream since it can still taste good. The prices range from Rs35-50 depending on the ingredients included on your ordered falooda.

Delicious Faloodah with Ice cream and Dried Fruits
falooda,ice cream

Falooda is originally a Persian dessert that has influence India and other countries. It is like a counter part of our halo-halo although the main denominator is that it is considered sweet and refreshing snack. We did visit Goa and we ordered this falooda with a mixture of dried fruits and ice cream. It was really refreshing and sweet and it was perfect to pair with dosa.

Faloodah, one of my favorite snack/dessert in India
falooda,dry fruits,tapioca

Dosa on the other hand is also a favorite street food in India. It is a crepe made out of rice and some lentils and it has a lot of versions. It can be this plain and simple paper dosa or stuffed with aloo or potatoes inside. The one I ordered was with potatoes and when your dosa is served, it is always paired with coconut chutney and some sambar which is with veggie.

Dosa, more than a ruler long, can satisfy your hunger

Dosa is crunchy like your ice cream cone but not the sweet one. It is thin and very long when rolled which can be served on a big platter. The famous varieties of dosa are chili, buttered, onion, paper, roast, chow-chow, rava and masala dosa. I like the plain and buttered dosa along with with aloo inside. I can assure you that one dosa is really good for two people, not unless you really have a bigger appetite than I do.


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