Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Sinangag and Hotdog For Breakfast

I don’t have any idea to call it since most familiar breakfast meals would be like TapSiLog (Tapa Sinangag at Itlog, beef meat, stir fried rice and egg or Longsilog for Longganisa Sinangag and itlog (sausage,stir fried rice and egg).

I don’t have egg on stock so the quickest that I can do for this breakfast meal is to stir fry the rice and then put some ready- made mix like maggi ginisa mix and some oregano seasonings courtesy of my left over packet for Dominos pizza.

Stir fried rice with hotdog seasoned with soya sauce and oregano seasonings

It was just a lovely combination and before you know it, it’s done. For sinangag you would just need a left over rice and then sauté it with garlic and onion. But since I have my ready-made mix, I did not peel any onions and garlic for this one. On preparing hotdog, I always boil my hotdogs first and once the water is drained, that is the time you need to put oil and fry your hotdogs.

By the way, set aside the hotdog and cut it into pieces since you need to mix it with your stir fried rice. You can also do this recipe by adding egg, no stirring required, just crack the egg open and stir it along with rice, of course for added flavor you would just like to add some salt and black pepper. But if you don’t like pepper it’s okay. You can also add some soy sauce into your stir fried rice if you want and garnish it with spring onions.

Easy to prepare, it will be for only 5 minutes including the frying of your favorite hotdog. But before I forgot, you need to put enough amount of oil, not too much since it will be too greasy and not too little because the rice might stick at the bottom of your pan. Just be sure to stir it most of the time so you can mix the ingredients very well. Enjoy your quickie breakfast meal Sinangag and hotdog (sindog) with your favorite beverage like juice, hot coffee or tea.


Nash Fernando said...

I also do this with my sinangag(stir in the egg and soy sauce). I also cook hotdogs like that but I've never tried combining them together. HAHA! This is interesting. It's 3am, I'm still awake but I'm craving for breakfast already. LOL!

-Adgitizing :)

Food Advertising Network said...

wow hot dog in fried rice this is good..
thanks for your blog.. i learn something..

Food Advertising Network

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