Monday, June 20, 2011

Fruit Salad for Father’s Day Treat

Happy Father’s Day to All Daddy, Tatay, Papa, Dada, Dad, Babu, Itay, Baba. For this special day I prepared the easiest dessert that I can figure out, Fruit Salad. I wasn’t that quick enough to remember that I needed to take a snap of the ingredients and I missed out the creamer that I used which I already throw in the bin but anyway it was an all-purpose cream, sweetened milk and fruit cocktail that you needed to make in this delicious dessert. Definitely all salads tastes great when refrigerated but never made them into ice bergs else it won’t be salad anymore but fruity popsicles.

Fruit Salad treat for Father's Day
fruit,salad,creamy salad

Good thing that there was a fruit cocktail available in here, thanks to Del Monte. Going back to fruit salad, there are so many ways you can add more to your salad like cheese cubes and some more fresh fruits like cutting off apples, pears and melon.

I also like to include pearl balls but this time, I skipped it. Maybe if I have the time to prepare other desserts such as potato salad or macaroni, I’d be surprising you guys and see what other concoctions I have come up to.

Salads are always there for special occasions. It feels incomplete without it and I can say that kids surely would enjoy sweets so instead of just offering them some cakes for desserts, I prepare to infuse fruits or veggie salad.

Fruit Cocktail, Sweetened Milk and all purpose creamer for your Fruit salad recipe
fruit salad,fruit cocktail

I do hope next time I can also showcase on my blog some more sweets, baking stuffs as long as I can get an oven because I really wanted to try more recipes and more delightful snacks and desserts. I hope this will be the time for a great cooking adventure for me. I’d be so much happier to see my family enjoy their food especially the ones I prepare for them.

By the way, I am not endorsing any product here on my blog, It just so happen that I have used such brands for representation purposes only and has nothing to do advertising it since this is not a product review and I am not paid for it.


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Belated Happy Father's day! :)

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