Friday, June 24, 2011

Fried Green Beans

I never know this recipe until one cousin of mine visited us home and she was from the north to where most veggies grow. She bought a lot of green beans and shared it with us and that is the time I tasted fried green beans when she introduced it to us.

Most recipes I know of green beans was including it in beef stew. Aside from sautéed green beans of course, I never thought that it can also be fried. It wasn’t bad at all since I do favor salty flavored dish. It was just so easy to prepare, just remove the strings from the side of that green beans when you’re removing both ends and tips of the veggie and washing it well with water.

Fried Green Beans with soya sauce

Put salt into it and presto, just put it in a hot pan with oil and fry it. But it doesn’t end there; you need to put soy sauce for finishing touches, not immediately okay. You need to fry your green beans first before you put the soya sauce. You may notice that your green beans turned into darker brown color that is the signal that you can now add the soya sauce.

The taste is fantastic, the smell is magnificent but be careful on frying

It is not easy to fry green beans. It splatters a lot so you need to be careful. Since your green beans is wet and with salt, it has the tendency to splatter hot oil into your skin so be ready with a pan cover or lid to protect you. Just put the flame into medium heat and stir it well so that it will be proportion when you fry the green beans.

You don’t need to cut your green beans into portions when frying. Just cut the tips of the veggie and that’s it. You can add onions to this if you want to taste it similarly to bistek, a local Philippine dish. Fried green beans are good side dish. If you want to experiment and add a twist, you may use butter instead of vegetable oil when frying it. But I guess butter and soya can have two different taste so I still suggest on using vegetable oil for this recipe.


Timothy Bowen said...

mmmm..i love fried green beans. I used to work at a bar and grill that served them. They're awesome. Looks like a great recipe.

w0rkingAth0mE said...

I knew about sauteed green beans but not so much with fried green beans might try this dish.

Strawberrychocodahi said...

@ Timothy- yes it is really delicious
@Workingathome- definitely try it, but just be cautious on frying, it really splatters.

Food Advertising Network said...

Yes, fried green beans is delicious, its favorite, its simple and fast to cook..
Thanks for your blog.. i used to sauteed also the Chinese cabbage with garlic alone.. it taste good...

Food Advertising Network

Chick-Chat with Jamie said...

Bitsuwelas or sitaw?

Try adobong sitaw too. :)

Strawberrychocodahi said...

@Chick-chat with Jamie- its bitsuelas( baguio beans)

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