Monday, June 27, 2011

Chicken Spring Roll and Prawn Schezwan Rice with Noodles

I like spring roll because it is one of the finger foods which is easy to prepare as long as you have the readymade wrapper. But this chicken spring roll that I ordered here was different. It was not made by such thin wrapper which we used to buy back home. This chicken spring roll was made out of wheat like for making flat breads or chapatti that is why it was thick and bigger than what I expected.

Upon eating, I checked out what was inside, the usual cabbage strips, spring onions and carrots were inside plus the big chunks of chicken. It was more aromatic to me but the taste isn’t that yummy since it was not the type of spring roll that was crispy on its wrapper. I bought it so that I can just experience what was their version of a spring roll. For me it will be heavier on the tummy because of the wrapper. Two big pieces of spring roll is already enough to make you full if you have a small appetite like me.

This is not LUMPIA or TURON, this is Chicken Spring Roll
spring roll,chicken

I wasn’t supposed to order out but we ran out of gas tank and we still don’t have the spare. Ordering here for a supply will take days unlike when I was in Philippines, whenever we ran out of gas cylinder, we can order it on the phone and it will only take 15-20 minutes for the tank to arrive. Anyway, so much for the rant, back again to what I ordered that is Prawn Schezwan rice with noodles.

It sounds interesting to me since Schezwan is a famous Chinese dish and I like shrimps so I’m curious to see the combination of it in rice and noodles. I never expected that the color would be too red, probably that is the version of their Schezwan, which I thought would only be stir fried to a shrimp, but it’s not. The usual ingredients that I have seen included was carrot, cabbage, spring onions, egg, prawns, hakka noodles and with seasonings. Nothing much fancy and nothing much to expect since it’s prepared in a local nearby restaurant. Maybe if I ordered it somewhere else where it’s a 5 star rate resto, it can be more lavishing in its approach.

This is not SPAGHETTI, its Shrimp Schezwan Rice and Noodles, oily isn't it?

Anyway this Prawn Schezwan Rice with noodles is too oily. It was too much that it thickens my lips with its oiliness. The rice wasn’t newly cooked; it was like a left over rice and was served again by masquerading it in orange red color to make it appealing. It was a total disaster because it does not justify what the prawns and eggs are doing there. The prawns may have wrongfully jumped in the wrong backyard while the egg was entangled in a spider web.

Chicken Springroll + Prawn Schezwan Rice with Noodles = Total Damage Rs155.00 or $3.44
spring roll,chicken,shrimp schezwan

Needless to say, my final verdict was.. I AM NOT GOING TO ORDER THIS AGAIN! I was just hopeless since I was too hungry and the nearest restaurant to where we order was also closed so I ordered this food in Toot…toooot.. I won’t mention the name of the restaurant, besides I am not paid for this one at all. Well, just another day in the life of a Food Blogger!


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