Thursday, June 16, 2011

Mendu Wada

This is the problem of traveling and you don’t seem to consider what other options to eat in the train since you don’t like to eat the same food that was offered during your first off. Well, I am talking about foods in a local train when travelling.

I find it hard to select what to eat besides you don’t even know how they have prepared the food. It was just out of curiosity that I have picked this snack up and just try to get something in the tummy since I was really hungry.

Crispy on the outside, chewy on the inside

Hubby calls it spongebob wada or Mendu wada. It is chewy like mini pearl balls that were fried in oil. The smell is outrageous, meaning yummy but the smell is much better than the taste. I really didn’t like it that much because the taste wasn’t that interesting, or maybe it was just the chef that cooked it? It has coriander, some potato bits, peanuts, jeera and mustard seed into it but you dip it in ketchup.

Eating inside the train, I really blurred my image here

It doesn’t give much of a character when you eat it. The outer crust is much more enticing to try rather than the inside of that snack which tastes more boring. I really don’t know also if it was just my palate saying these things but as for me, they should have added more tangy or saltiness into it. Maybe it is much tastier if they have soaked the chewy pearls into some masala but anyway I am not even sure of the name if it was mendu since hubby said that’s how he remembered the vendor mentioned it.


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