Wednesday, June 29, 2011

White a Delight White Forest Cake

I am a fan of Red Ribbon cakes because they are so yummy. I can’t resist their black forest, brazo de mercedes, carrot cake and blue berry cheese cake. But this one cake added more to my attention because it is the color opposite of black forest. It was really mouthwatering for me to look at those white chunks of white chocolate that surrounds the cake. It is also embellished with creamy white icing as it was vanilla flavored chiffon cake with the goodness of seductive whole maraschino cherries on top of the cake.

Top view of White Forest Cake by RR
cake,white forest

Cakes are always present in every special occasion like birthdays, anniversaries, weddings and so much more. This one was taken during Christmas season and we had it paired with delicious ice cream. I really miss eating RR cakes because their cakes are really fabulous, delicious and affordable.

White forest cake for me was just fine because it was not too sweet that will make my goose bumps appear and signals my brain to stop eating. It really melts well inside the mouth, rich thick and creamy but balanced. But sorry to those who are vegetarians, this type of cake is not eggless. White Forest cakes can have varieties of fruits on top, it can be prepared with blue berries or kiwis on top but just to make it snappy, I really appreciate if there were no fruits on top, just make it simple and leave the cherries alone without any competing fruits.

Sweets can be tempting and for those who like to diet and trim their calories, I am also sorry but this baby is not an option for you. Maybe one slice will not harm but anyway as long as that calorie meter is concern, it will be around 195 calories for that 1.8 0z of cake.

About diabetic patients, well you know this is already sweet, so forget about it. More fresh fruits and veggies are required for you to eat and discipline is necessary. It may not harm a normal person’s diet as long as you can eat sweets and drink plenty of water later on. White Forest cake can also be a good theme for a wedding cakes. I just don’t mind if it can be boiled icing or fondant cake, as long as the fairly white crème ala crème is presented well, that will be fine for me. Isn’t it lovely? What or should I say White a delight!


krizza said...

I love red ribbon cakes, too. I love their mango cake a lot! I always buy it every time I'm on vacation to Philippines!

My first time here......

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