Saturday, June 11, 2011

Dried Fish like Tuyo and Danggit

There are different types of dried fish and one of the most favored of all was Tuyo (Salinas) and danggit. I was just so lucky to spot them here in India where in Goa particularly has offered a lot of varieties which includes those that I am not even familiar of.

danggit with tuyo

The prices of dried fish there was so cheap that a big pack of it was just ranging from Rs20 rupees or twenty pesos P20.00 and I was really jumping for joy for such a price. Imagine, even danggits here was just Rs20.00 and that was more than ½ kilo if I have to weight it. Although I didn’t buy much because I will be the only one who’s going to eat since hubby does not eat much of dried fish. Even my in-laws don’t eat dried fish so I took home to big packs of dried fish back home in Mumbai.

The cheapest Danggit for only Rs20.00

The Salinas were really biggggg as in big tuyo that I have ever seen. By the way, those tuyo I have also costs Rs10.00 which is more than 15 pieces (big chunky pieces). It was really aromatic for me when I cooked it. It was a haven to eat them during these rainy seasons as I dipped it in vinegar since I don’t have a stock of fresh tomatoes.

The biggest tuyo I have seen! Yumminess!
tuyo,dried fish

By the way these were not part of my food cravings but certainly I did missed eating dried fish so I bought it. It’s raining like crazy here and these dried fish is my comfy food that I paired with Hakka Noodles that hubby prepared for lunch. Well, Bon Appetit everyone!

Fried Danggit with Hakka Noodles
danggit with hakka


Chick-Chat with Jamie said...

Is your hubby Pinoy? Why don't you try champorado and tuyo? :) Sarap!!!

A.M.I.N.A said...

Wow! You are lucky!Buti ka pa dyan Sis, nakakatikim ng seafoods.I haven't eaten dried fish for almost 10 years. I'm drooling looking at your pics.

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