Sunday, September 4, 2011

Yellow Watermelons

Nothing so special about it but I got curious since the outer skin was yellow so we thought that the inner flesh would also be the same, yellow. So I asked hubby to buy me one and he asked me to check the watermelons if I can detect which one is sweeter. So the traditional way of choosing the sweetest watermelon is to hear the sound when you knock it. If it resounds like your knocking your forehead, it is not yet that sweet but if you hear it deeper and sounds like your knocking your chest, then it is sweeter.

Very yellow on the outside

But very red on the inside!

I tried the usual method and it was really perfect. The one I picked out was super delicious yet super crunchy too. But sorry folks, the flesh of the said “yellow watermelon” wasn’t yellow at all when hubby sliced it. It was still red as usual but the difference was that it was extra crunchy to munch and super sweet.

The weight of it was not yet a kilo but it costs Rs56 rupees which I find costlier than other ordinary watermelons we used to buy during the summer season. But anyway, what I just did for this so called yellow watermelon was for dessert and some of the remaining part I put in the blender, mixed with sweetened milk and brown sugar and made ice drops out of it.

There are really yellow watermelons but their outer skin is not yellow in color but the usual green. I really find time to chew this type of watermelon well since it is rich in fiber and if I hurriedly chew it, I will just burp it off since my tummy is already smaller because my baby occupies it.

I am avoiding fruits such as papaya and pineapple which is not good for pregnant women and that is why we bought this watermelon. Anyway, it’s not always fruit session for me. I just balance what I eat and think only of the good benefits that it can do for me and my baby.

I will post some picture soon...need a good cam badly!


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fruits are a good source of vitamins and fibers which are helpful for the body especially for pregnant women..

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