Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Homemade Spanish Sardines Recipe

Hubby bought fresh sardines yesterday and I thought he just wanted me to fry it. I was surprised to hear that he wants me to prepare Spanish sardines which he viewed online while I was seated and updating my blog. He thought that I already knew how to prepare one, but I said, well this will be my very first to try since most of the articles posted with regards to making Spanish sardines are just the same and I wonder why it was just copy pasted and where is the copyright there.

Fresh sardines as we prepare it for cooking
spanish sardine1

But anyway, none of my business I am just here to tell you that I didn’t even follow what was given online. First of all, my ingredients wasn’t complete like pickle relish and carrot, instead what I just included on my homemade recipe for Spanish sardine was tomato, whole black peppercorns, bay leaves, green chili, olive oil,cinnamon stick, salt to taste, water and fresh sardines.
It was so simple to do and prepare. Just gather the ingredients first like what I have mentioned above and put it in a pressure cooker. Now this one is the trick, I don’t know what type of pressure cooker you have, but in India, they have the best pressure cooker and what when it whistles, that’s the right counting you need to remember, unlike other pressure cookers that keeps on whistling like a train and you need to set a timer on it.

We added tomatoes into it to have some color since we don't have carrot
spanish sardine 2

Anyway, I just prepared the sardines and cook it in 15-18 minutes and it was all done and the bones were soft. After we cool down the sardines, we placed it in a bottle where we can store. The taste was just superb and you can obviously smell what was cooking in the kitchen when the pressure cooker started to whistle and call your attention.

Let it cool down before placing in the bottle
spanish sardines,bottle

Take note, I did not say put the sardines in the bottle and place it inside the pressure cooker that is INCREDIBLY INSANE because that glass bottle will definitely explode. Just what I have read on someone else’s article, duhh! Never ever do that death defying stunt in your kitchen and in your very own home.

By the way, if you ask me how much fresh sardines are needed, well what I just prepared was ½ kilo and this was enough to fill our long slim glass bottle. Again, if we talk about sardines, you need to exclude the tail and heads so clean it properly before putting the other ingredients in.


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