Saturday, September 24, 2011

Mutton Curry

Four days or more, who knows when our gas tank will be delivered (sigh!) It is really frustrating to tell you guys that we still don’t have a spare tank to keep so it is still a nightmare for me whenever we ran out of gas cylinder.

Mutton Curry, Rich in Gravy!

Anyway, what we usually do when this crisis happen is to order food from the nearest food restaurant and for now, what I have was mutton curry. Mutton meat is healthy and is more buttery in taste than other red meat. It has a lot of nutrients available and I can say that it is tenderer than cow’s meat. I do like the taste of mutton curry because of its gravy. This time it is hot and spicy, well of course not according to my own palate but based on Indians own liking, which is spicier and hot.

Red orange in color, this is how hot it looks like!
mutton meat

Whenever they serve curry such as this, they will always include a pickle, be it a mango or lemon. It will also have sliced onions to match that pickle. This time what I have in my plate was a lemon pickle. The gravy or sauce wasn’t salty enough but eating it with the pickled lemon perfectly matches the dish. I also like how the smell of mutton curry was. I just can’t explain it but it was really savory and buttery.

Mutton Curry For my Lunch!
rice,mutton,lemon pickle

You can enjoy eating mutton curry with chapatti (flat bread) of India or hot rice. It is also good to pair it with papad or anything fried. Bon Appetit!


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