Friday, September 16, 2011

Going Bananas

Lazy day today as I wasn’t that productive when it comes to searching for new exciting recipes to prepare. Must be the hormones and I am feeling heavier and heavier as days go by. Why? Aahh due to pregnancy and my stomach gets smaller as baby gets bigger inside. I need to eat in small portions because I can feel so full easily and if I do eat in smaller portions, I do need to eat after 30 minutes again.

Salted banana chips

banana chips I paired with macaroni salad, food tripping!
banana chips

I would like to munch banana chips and combine it with something sweet because the one I bought in the store was so salty and to fight the salty taste I was eating the macaroni salad that I made days ago. Hubby is not into sweets so I was really struggling to finish this salad. I just don’t eat that daily and wishing that baby would be just enough for me to take a normal delivery.

My weight added another pound for this week but at least my doctor tells me that my weight is still ideal and nothing to worry about. I just need regular exercise and well, what I can just do with that is a brisk walk in the afternoon where I needed to go out and buy something to eat or prepare for dinner.

Are you also moody at times and have food cravings like crazy? Well, somebody would say that I really have a strange food combination for today, well good thing it does not happen every day and it wasn’t a crave this time.


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