Thursday, September 1, 2011

Ginger Churma and other snacks

I promise you guys that I will feature somewhat foods that I encounter while travelling. Well indeed I was successful to find ginger churma which was being offered inside the train to where the food attendants offer.

It was a combination of interesting ingredients such as corn flakes, ginger strips, sesame seeds, dried raisins, jaggery (made of sugarcane), black dried grapes and Indian spices. It is a sweet snack which actually tasted like sweet crispy rice puffs or murmura ladoo. But the difference was obvious because of the ingredients of it.

Cheese-Garlic Naan

Another favorite of mine which we always order at Abhiksha Restaurant in Goa is this wonderful naan bread flavored cheese and garlic. The cheese and garlic was surely a good combination when it reaches your mouth. I just get annoyed when the garlic they used was cut into bigger chunks. How I wish it was just powdered garlic with cheese, it will be delightful to eat since I am not an avid fan of eating chunks of garlic leaving me to pick out the chunky garlic on the side of the plate.


My all time favorite samosa would be only here in Mumbai. I only favored one which is being sold here near to where we live in Malad. It is kinda salty barbecue in flavor. The veggies stuffed into it were green peas, potatoes and other Indian spices. It is really crunchy on the outside and they will always give us fried green chilly and some salty crumb powder along with it. You can also try this snack whenever you visit any Indian restaurants.

Fries with Chat Masala

When it comes to finger foods, French fries tops the survey. But this potato fries that Abhiksha restaurant serve is with a twist. They do add chat masala into it and it was really great. They always serve it hot and crispy and the combination of chat masala and some spices they put was just perfect when you dip the fries in tomato ketchup. Naturally, the fries look a bit orangier in color maybe because of the chili powder. But it will never be that hot to munch and crunch.


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